Alternative Treatments For Chronic Pain (That Actually Work)

March 18, 2021

 Finally, getting a diagnosis that explains your chronic pain is both liberating and disheartening. Knowing that what you're going through is genuine and having that medically confirmed can feel like a weight off your shoulders. Yet you still grieve for the life you once had. 

Starting on the path to recovery and remission is the next big step. But it comes with its own trials and tribulations. For many chronic pain sufferers, traditional medicines and treatments just don't cut the mustard. 

Maybe you've tried all that the doctors had to offer and are still suffering. Or you're concerned about how the continued use of over-the-counter medications is affecting your body. Whatever the reason, you've found your way to the right place.

Here you'll discover alternative treatments for chronic pain that your doctor may not have mentioned. And what's better is, they actually work. 

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Acupuncture is breaking into the mainstream, particularly for pain management. Studies have found that it works for pain caused by several conditions. But no one is really sure why! It could be that it helps block pain signals from nerves. Or even that it encourages your body to release pain-numbing chemicals. 

Though we don't know why it works, don't let that put you off. Many doctors and consultants are starting to prescribe it for pain, so we know it works. And even if it doesn't get rid of pain, it doesn't hurt, and it will help you relax.


This one isn't going to be for everyone. There are lots of pain conditions that negate entirely your ability to move freely. If that's the case, don't force yourself to exercise. But if you can move, even just a little, you could reap the benefits. 

When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins. These endorphins interact with parts of our brains to reduce the perception of pain. Pretty nifty! You can even combine it with stress-reduction techniques that also help reduce pain when done long term. Think along the lines of Yoga and Tai-Chi - particularly good if your range of motion is low. 

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Trigger Point Injections

These injections aren't precisely an alternative treatment, as a Doctor can prescribe them. But if you haven't heard of them before, they could provide you some relief. Steroids are generally used with trigger point injections, and it's known to give sustained relief. Botox is also used for chronic migraines specifically. Botox is a toxin that blocks the signals sent from your nerves to your muscles.

If you want a more natural procedure, try prolotherapy treatment for pain. It consists of injections, too but using all-natural ingredients that are said to jumpstart your body's natural healing process. 

Heat Therapy

Heat and cold therapies are time-honored ways of reducing pain. Think about the time you sprained your ankle as a kid. The first thing your parents probably did is put an ice pack on it. And there's a reason you can buy heat packs for lower back pain. They work. 

Hot treatments, particularly baths, help relax the mind and change the input from our nerves to the brain. When we're more relaxed, we feel painless. With cold therapy, it can reduce local inflammation. But you have to use the right one at the right time. Acute injuries need ice, whereas lingering spasms should be treated with heat.

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Natural Painkillers

Chronic pains mean that you spend a lot of time reaching for the painkillers. But extended use of them can cause severe problems down the line. But there are a few things in nature that are known to help with the pain. Turmeric can be utilized as a natural painkiller because it contains Curcumin, an antioxidant. It's used successfully for many conditions. For those with Osteoarthritis, it's said to benefit as a pain reliever because of its ability to reduce inflammation. 

CBD is also a new buzz product in the world of natural painkillers. It's derived from Marijuana, but it doesn't contain any of the psychoactive elements that make you high. It relaxes the body and is an anti-inflammatory. You can rub it on pain areas or take a few drops of its oil form as a supplement.  In the same breath at this, you can also look into things like delta 9 gummies which contain THC in small doses. They are a common product used to help with pain, but it’s important that you understand they do not work for everyone. Do some research into the product before you try it, giving yourself all of the information before deciding whether it’s something that you are willing to try or not. 


Chiropractic manipulation is perfect for back pain but can help to relieve other trigger points in the body. The idea behind it is that once the body is aligned correctly, it'll heal itself without surgery or medication. It can be perfect for restoring mobility to sore or damaged joints. It can be an excellent pain relief as it takes the pressure off the body and muscles. 

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