Top 3 Reasons LA Is The Most Unique US City To Visit

January 27, 2021

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Clearly, there's no shortage of fantastic cities to visit across the US. Places like New York and Miami spring to mind, not to forget about Las Vegas. While all of these places can create wonderful travel experiences, there's one city that always stands out as a little unique: Los Angeles. 

LA is one of the biggest cities in the country, and home to lots of tourists every year. Most people love their experience in this city, but why is it so different from anywhere else? If you could only visit one US city before you die, many will say LA, and here's why:

A truly mesmerizing climate

The climate in LA is bizarre, to say the least. It is often known as only having one season: summer. It's sunny there almost the whole year, with temperatures rarely getting cold enough to warrant wrapping up warm. And yet, they have mountains to the north with snow on them. Yep, you can genuinely go skiing in LA, then spend the rest of your day down on a beach. There aren't many cities in the world - let alone the US - that boast this sort of climate. 

The celebrity factor

What do you first think of when Los Angeles pops into your head? That's right, the Hollywood sign and all the celebrities that live there. You will struggle to find another city in the US that boasts such a dense population of celebrities all in one area. What's more, the weird thing is that LA thrives off this. People can look into renting a charter to tour celebrity homes in a bus, going around the city and seeing where the rich and famous live. You really don't get an experience like this anywhere else in the country! 

Plus, the constant celebrity presence makes LA such a strange and unique place to be. You can be walking down the street and see swarms of paparazzi flocking to one location. In the next moment, your favorite film star has just got into their fancy car and is driving past you. Also, you can slip in the fact that so many things are filmed here, so you can see loads of cool sets if you're into that sort of thing. 

So much cultural diversity

Los Angeles is home to so many different cultures, which affects the offerings it has for tourists. If you visit this city, you'll be treated to so many different and vibrant experiences. This is best reflected in the nightlife and the food. LA is a food lover's dream, bringing you cuisines from around the world. It genuinely feels like someone has manufactured this city and just picked up the best food they can find and dumped it all in one place. Ironically, you can experience so many different cultures and learn loads of new things from this American city!

You see, there aren't many places that rival LA in terms of uniqueness. Most other cities are similar - museums, monuments, and a staple cuisine. LA does things differently, which is why it's so popular for travelers.

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