5 dangerous habits that will ruin your relationship

February 3, 2021

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Romance isn't only about showering your partner with gifts on special occasions. A healthy relationship should make you and your partner feel happy and satisfied. However, some tendencies can make the right connection turn for the worse. They include the following:

Looking Through Your Partner's Call History or Emails

It is normal to get curious about who your better half is calling, texting, or emailing, mostly if they are occasionally glued to their phone. Even if this is the case, it is essential to restrain yourself from giving in to your curiosity. 

 Accept that getting curious is natural, but ensure that you fight the urge to go through your partners, text messages, and call logs. If you find yourself giving in to this desire regularly, it might be a relationship red-flag. Furthermore, if your partner were to find out that you were invading their privacy, it would significantly damage the relationship. 

Keeping Contact With Exes

Many people are often tempted to be in frequent communication with their exes. Thinking of an ex once in a while, even when you are in a healthy relationship, is expected. However, contacting them frequently is counterproductive and can mean that you are still attached. 

 You can remove your exes from your social media platforms so that you are not tempted to communicate with them. If it is indispensable, for example, in cases where you share children, ensure that your partner is aware and comfortable with the arrangement. 

 Keeping Secrets

Although it is better to keep some of your personal information to yourself, keeping certain matters a secret from your partner can ruin the relationship. Ensure that you are open about any issues such as legal concerns you may have, even if it seems like a minor offense, such as a penalty for prescription fraud

 Being discreet about your legal issues will help to maintain trust between yourself and your partner. Furthermore, finding out such sensitive information from other sources could damage the relationship.

Using Work as an Excuse To Avoid Your Partner

Separating Work from home life is becoming increasingly difficult in this digital age. That is why it may be tempting to remain glued on your laptop after having an argument with your better half instead of trying to sort the issue out. 

 However, this shouldn't be the case. Ensure that you set aside enough time to bond with your partner even on your busiest days. 

Being a Passive Listener

Your partner can always appreciate having someone to talk to, even if it is to summarize their day at work or dishing out the most recent neighborhood gossip. The next time they try to speak to you about a specific topic, take time to listen and respond instead of merely listening. Talk as you go about your other business. 

 A relationship is a beautiful thing. The least you can do is try to maintain it as well as you can. Avoiding the above mistakes will help to maintain a long and healthy relationship with your partner.

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