Aging Well And Coping With Change

January 7, 2021

 Commentators will often talk about the difference between “aging well” and “aging poorly.” But aging is just aging. And as you get older, things stop working as well as they once did. 

You can’t do an awful lot to prevent the physical processes from taking place in your body. But there are ways you can re-frame aging and cope better with change. 

Learn To Accept Change

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When you’re young, you rarely think about getting old. You’re too busy enjoying life and pursuing your objectives to worry about that kind of thing. But as you make your way through subsequent decades, it starts to play a bigger role in your life. All of a sudden, you see how finite your life is, and that can leave you worried. 

What’s more, as you get older, things start to change fast. You might not be able to walk up the stairs as easily as you once could. And you may have to rely on equipment, like Coloplast catheters or hearing aids, to support your wellness. 

When this happens, it can be easy to let it get the better of you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Try acknowledging your feelings, expressing them to other people, and looking for the silver lining. 

Find Meaning

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Perhaps the biggest challenge of getting older is that you no longer have work to distract you from your life’s purpose. During your career, you had to meet your clients’ needs - and that took up the majority of your thinking time. But now you’re done with work and entering your twilight years, these questions have an annoying habit of creeping up on you. 

The trick here is to find genuine meaning somewhere in your life. Nobody is going to do this for you. Instead, it’s something you’ll have to find yourself. 

You can find meaning in all kinds of places. Travelling, for instance, can give you a new lease on life. You can also pick up on long-neglected hobbies or find a new passion in the arts. One of the best ways to find meaning is to get involved in your community. 

Connect With Friends

While you work and raise a family, friends can sometimes fall by the wayside. You’re just too busy and have so many other priorities in your life. 

But when you hit retirement, you have an opportunity to live your life much as you did while you were growing up - surrounded by friends who share similar interests to you. 

Connecting with friends is especially helpful if you’re living alone. Studies show that people who have positive relationships in old age tend to have superior health. 

Get Active

Lastly, being active in whatever capacity you can is a great way to lift your quality of life. You don’t have to hit the gym or run a marathon. Just the act of moving is often enough to improve both your mood and your health. Many older adults report feeling substantially better after going for a walk or spending time in the fresh air. 

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