Winter Teaching Stories on Instagram

January 5, 2021


Caravan Sonnet

Happy Tuesday friends! I have been receiving so many questions about daily teaching stories or clothes that I have been wearing teaching and I am truly so humbled by these questions. Thank you so much for your continued interest in this area of my life. I will definitely be sharing more on the blog again as this year progresses, but feel free to head over to my instagram and click HERE on the winter teaching stories to see all of the newest things! 

We "started" yesterday with an in-service day and I spent the day transitioning my room from Christmas decor to winter decor. I am excited to show y'all more after today (I wanted to keep it a surprise for the students until they came to the room because there are some BIG changes)!

I hope you have a wonderful day friends! Looking forward to connecting more on that part of IG and hearing your thoughts! 

Happy Tuesday!

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