A Lack Of Charging Ports While On Vacation?

January 22, 2021


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Going away, whether it is for business or for pleasure, is always something to look forward to. It is nice to go to new places and experience what the world has to offer. Nothing beats the excitement in the

pit of the stomach as the trip gets closer.

The part everybody dreads…

However, one element of going travelling which is not much fun and certainly does not provide any excitement is packing a suitcase or a travel bag. This is something which can be highly frustrating and extremely stressful. Trying to remember everything that one is supposed to take with them is not an easy challenge.

More often than not people arrive at their hotel room to find that they have actually forgotten something. And most of the time, the something that they have happened to forget tends to be very important and something which is going to be needed. Frustrating and annoying, right?

The most likely thing that tends to be forgotten…

It seems that the most common thing individuals tend to forget is the charge for their electrical goods – usually, it tends to be for one of the following three: their phone, camera or tablet. So, when this happens, what is one supposed to do? After all, if it is a business trip especially than these gadgets are something which is likely to be needed.

The solution…

If the individual in question has happened to bring a USB cable along with them for use alongside any other electrical good, e.g. a laptop, then they might just be in luck. 

The answer to this solution can usually be found through the television provided in the hotel room. Go over to the TV in question and have a look for a USB port, most televisions will have this basic feature. Once the individual in question has found the USB port all they simply need to do is plug the cable into the television and the gadget. 

If you have a hearing device, this may be an alternative way to charge it as well. You may want to speak to your audiologist, though, to make sure you do not cause damage.

What happens if there is no USB port or nobody has brought a USB cable?

Obviously, the solution above is helpful to most people however it will not apply to everybody. For instance, if the individual going away did not bring a USB cable then the solution will not be applicable. Furthermore, if the television in the hotel room does not have a USB port (which will be on rare occasion) then the solution above will once again not work. So, what happens if this is the case?

The simple answer to the issue raised at the beginning of the article would be – don’t forget your charger! But this is a lot easier said than done. So, don’t forget the solutions provided here for the next time a trip away is on the cards!

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