prayers for today

January 23, 2021


As some of you are aware today we begin mold remediation at on our downstairs at my mom's house and we would covet prayers. 

First, THANK YOU to those who contributed to the go fund me page that we started for my mom. We were able to raise some money to help offset the cost of this very very expensive time. I have been asked if you can still contribute and the answer is a very humble yes. You can click HERE to go directly to the go fund me page.

Second, we mostly appreciate your prayers in this process. As some of you know when I moved home nearly a decade ago because I was so sick with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease, Cancer, and several other health issues we just moved my entire apartment into the downstairs and never went through things assuming that life would not take the near decade it did to get better. Two years after I moved home and after traveling physically (literally) or my records traveling around the world we moved up to New York for me to receive proper treatment in order to save my life. Because I was so sick there was no time to go through anything and so to lose everything to the mold has been emotional on so many levels. It definitely has felt like my "pre life" to being sick has been completely wiped out. The things are replaceable - they are just things, but special gifts, letters, and items from both my precious daddy and Ba  are heartbreaking to lose and this has been very very difficult for me in this grief journey. There has been lots of tears this past week... lots of grief in different ways... and so today is just very hard. I appreciate your prayers for my heart in this process.

Also downstairs was my dad's office, some family heirlooms, personal private family items, some of my sisters things, and lots of pictures and treasured pieces of my mom's. YES, some things can be cleaned and we have appreciated the compassion that we have been met with, but most things are lost and this is a very hard day for us. Please pray for my mom and I today as we begin here in a little bit this process of going through very quickly decisions that need to be made.

Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers on this difficult day. 

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