How To Stay Healthy and Well During Lockdown

January 21, 2021



COVID-19 has brought about many changes and a new way of living. You may find yourself with more time on your hands and having to spend more of your days around the house.

It may have been a nice break away from the hustle and bustle initially but now you might be getting bored and are at risk for developing negative habits or tendencies. Be glad to know there are actions you can take to help you stay healthy and well during lockdown so you can thrive even during uncertain times. Let these ideas guide you to finding calm and peace in your days and staying positive that soon there will be brighter days ahead that feel more normal.

Get Outside

You can stay healthy and well during lockdown by getting a daily dose of fresh air. Spend time in nature and soak up the beauty and wonderful smells that surround you. You can use it as a chance to catch up on some gardening, go for a hike with your dog, or take a bike ride on a new trail you’ve wanted to check out. Being outdoors will help you reset and clear your mind so you can stay well and healthy. If you’re alone in the peace and quiet then you may also want to use it as a time to reflect and think about what you are grateful for in your life.

Continue to Build Relationships

It’s also vital that you stay connected and continue to build relationships even during the lockdown. Technology makes it easy to stay in touch and catch up even if you can’t be face-to-face. If you’re single and want to keep your love life alive during these difficult times then consider virtual date ideas to keep the spark alive and well. It’s all about staying positive and getting creative so you can continue to deepen your connection and learn more about one another.

Cook for Yourself

It’s tempting and easy to eat out when you’re stuck at home all day but you might want to think twice. Eating out can be expensive and cause you to consume larger and unhealthier portion sizes than usual. Instead, stay healthy and well during lockdown by committing to cooking for yourself more frequently. Order your groceries online and use fresh ingredients to whip up healthy meals that make you feel good and provide you with energy. 

Stick to A Routine

You may have the urge to want to sleep in and stay in your sweatpants when you’re stuck at home. However, this may negatively impact your mental health and well-being over time. Instead, stick to and find a routine that works for you and will keep you engaged in life and taking good care of yourself. Wake up and jump in the shower and get dressed each day to help you achieve this goal. If you’re working from home, remember to take short breaks throughout the day and set aside a little time to have some lunch. Head to bed at a decent hour and be mindful of how much time you’re spending on your electronics and technology.

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