The North Cape and the Wind and Reef Restaurant in Tignish // Prince Edward Island, Canada

November 5, 2017

Happy Sunday friends! Today I am so excited to continue to share more about my recent trip through New England, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia! Today I am excited to share about our trip up to Tignish and the North Cape and our dinner at the Wind and Reef Restaurant. 
As you can tell from the map above the North Cape is on the North Western most part of the Island. From our stay at Montgomery Inn at Ingleside in Kensington it took us about an hour and a half to get to the North Cape. 
The drive to North Cape was absolutely beautiful. There were so many different red cliffs that we say and beautiful scenic ocean views. 
When I decided to put a visit up to the North Cape in the itinerary I found out about the North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre which is a place that has amazing art displays in addition to an aquarium but also is set on the beautiful ocean.
Due to our time frame we unfortunately didn't have a chance to visit that but also housed at the North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre is the famous Wind and Reef Restaurant where we made reservations for dinner for our first evening on Prince Edward Island.
When we drove up we were immediately in awe. 
The Wind and Reef Restaurant is located at the edge of the reef at North Cape. 
The rock reef is the longest natural rock reef in North America- stretching approximately 2 kilometers off shore. At low tide you can walk the distance of the reef and high tide it was stunningly beautiful as there was the "meeting of the waters" as the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the North Cumberland Strait come together. 
I had been told ahead of time to make a reservation around sunset and I definitely recommend this to everyone. It was simply gorgeous.
Also located in this area is the The North Cape Lighthouse. This lighthouse was originally built to warn sailors of the reef which was unfortunately the site of many shipwrecks. 
Our meal at Wind and Reef was absolutely wonderful and was truly one of our favorites from our time on the island. The menu was varied, the food was delicious and the views of the reef and waters crashing along with the lighthouse were stunning.
It felt a bit like a dream to be eating in such a gorgeous place with the waters crashing around us and the lighthouse in the background with the sun setting. It was all so wonderful! 
I can't recommend a trip up to the North Cape as part of your itinerary for visiting the island. It is definitely an experience you will want to have! You can read more about visiting North Cape HERE and find out a bit more about the Wind and Reef Restaurant HERE. They definitely recommend making reservations and you can find the contact information for the restaurant HERE

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A huge thank you to the Prince Edward Island Tourism Board that sponsored my trip to the Island, provided so much helpful information, and a special thank you to Laura who worked to organize everything for our time in Prince Edward Island.

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