From Hope Valley Devotionals (Week 39): The Hope of Restoration

November 29, 2017

This conversation that takes place between Elizabeth and the girls of Hope Valley I have referenced before (in fact using the exact same quote!) in the From Hope Valley Devotional Week 35 post (you can find it HERE). In that post I discuss the quote from the viewpoint of the girls and was encouraging us all to find the blessing that comes from extending grace to others as we learn to love unconditionally. As I re-read through what I wrote I was challenged to really examine the concept again. 

Today, I wanted to touch base on a concept that I feel is equally as important that is discussed in this 5th episode of season 3... the hope of restoration when our hearts have been broken and we doubt that we can trust anyone to be our friend again. 

Relationships are difficult aren't they? I know it can seem like we are one path and then all of a sudden you realize that you may be on two different paths and you wonder how you got there. You may have experienced the extreme pain and isolation and rejection of a broken engagement. You may be estranged from your siblings. You may be estranged from your family. You may be walking the difficult and painful path of divorce. You may be walking the path of singleness and another hopeful relationship has just ended. You may be feeling like you are loosing everyone around you as you struggle to walk the journey with elderly parents. Or you may be like dear people that I know that have just said goodbye to their 10 day old daughter. Or you may be like another young couple that I know that is fighting their hearts out for their young boy who is facing the staggering diagnosis of Leukemia. 

In these moments of pain that are both emotional and physical it can be hard to feel like we can trust our hearts again with anyone else. We may doubt that we should even take the chance to reach out and try to form another relationship with a new person. It can be painful, it can be risky, and it can be complicated. 

When our hearts are broken and shattered we often wonder if we can do the one thing that we most need to do... which is to trust. 

Trust that in the moments of deepest pain that there is still hope that love can help restore our lost voices that may only want to cry. 

Trust that somewhere and somehow hope still exists and that it goes beyond the lines that we have drawn and creates a bigger picture than we saw before.

And most of all dear friends, trust that there is still a little hope to be found

As we face the fears of trusting I pray that you find the hope and courage to reach out and take the risk to love again. To have the courage to risk big with your heart. And most of all to find that there is a beautiful hope that exists in restoration. I read the following quote on social media the other day and thought how apt of a prayer it is for this topic... 

"May the last month of 2017 be the plot twist you have been dreaming of". 

Dear friends, that is my prayer for you. May this last month of 2017 hold the beautiful plot twist that you have been dreaming of and show you in this season the hope of restoration.

"Lord, you know the hopes of the hopeless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them."
-Psalm 10:17-

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