The Real Life of a Traveling Nurse

November 29, 2017

If you don’t mind not being tied down to one area, the life of a travelling nurse might be very well suited for you. First, you actually have to be a licensed nurse in order to pass muster. You can live in any state, attend Rutgers Online, and complete a bachelors of science in nursing to meet all of the requisites to be a traveling nurse. Although you will meet a lot of great people and earn a fabulous salary, there are some factors that you should be aware of prior to agreeing to work in this type of position. It will be difficult for you to put roots down anywhere, and getting started can kind of be hard. Here is some insight into the life of the real, live travel nurse.
Moving Again and Again
Moving can be fun and refreshing. Say that you get a travel nurse position at a hotel in San Francisco, but you’re originally from Boston. You’ve got to decide to do with your home as well as make arrangements to find a place to stay while working in California. If you own your home, you might be able to switch off your utilities and have a friend stop by every so often. If you’re a renter, you’ve got to determine if it’s better to sublet your place out or end your lease early and put most of your stuff in storage. In less than a year after you’ve settled into your newest work location, you’ll probably be summoned to pack your bags again. 
Making Discoveries in Each New Position
Showing up in a new part of the country requires more than finding a home. How will you get to work? Will you ride a bike, take your car, or learn how the city’s public transportation system works? Then, you have to find where the grocery stores are, deal with a new area’s local weather patterns, and last but not least, make friends and work on your social life. Those who are open to frequent changes and have a bachelor of science in nursing can do quite well working as a travel nurse. On the other hand, if you thrive by following a routine and being close to home you may end up getting burned out after a few years. 
The Reality of Fatigue
Whether your dream has always been to be a travel nurse, or it just happens to be a career that you fell into, your body is going to feel tired. As a travel nurse, your shifts may be long and the tasks you are to perform will be daunting. It is best to use your free time to rest up and recharge so that you will always be raring to go when it comes time to come in for your next shift.

Travel nurses don’t often become bored and their days always include welcome challenges. You might travel to a new region or stay closer to your hometown as a travel nurse. In any case, you’ll get to do what you love, which is caring for the public. 

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