How To Plan an Unforgettable Birthday Party

November 6, 2017

Planning a birthday party can almost be as fun as the event itself, as you can enjoy many an hour selecting the perfect theme, finding the best decorative accessories, and arranging the delicious food and drink. Yet, you will want to ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Learn how to plan an unforgettable birthday party.
Create the Guest List
Once you have decided to throw a party, you will need to confirm the guest list. If you are planning a birthday party for your friend, reach out to their loved ones to identify if they can make it on a select date. Private Facebook groups have made it easier than ever to connect with large amounts of people in one quick swoop, so you will know who is coming and who isn’t.
Select a Party Theme
Party themes will ensure the event stands out in your guests’ minds. You can choose from a variety of themes, such as fancy dress, Hollywood, or an elegant affair. Think carefully about the birthday boy or girl’s personality, so you can create a party they will remember forever.
Find the Best Venue
You also need to consider the best venue to host a party. For instance, you can hold the party at home, or you can hire a beautiful venue to accommodate a large group of guests. Consider whether the birthday girl or boy would feel more relaxed with a party at home, or would prefer all eyes on them at an off-site venue.
Create & Mail Birthday Party Invitations
Once you know your numbers, you should create birthday invitations that detail the time, date, location, and dress code. Also, try to incorporate the party theme into the invites, which can build excitement for the big event. However, ensure you mail the invites a minimum of three weeks before the party, so people will have time to arrange their schedule and send back their RSVPs.
Buy Food & Drink
Ensure your guests are not thirsty or hungry throughout a party by stocking up on plenty of food and drink. For instance, you can hire a caterer to create stunning dishes the guests will love, and you could even provide an open bar. Alternatively, you can cater the event yourself with the birthday boy or girl’s favorite foods, and can buy alcohol in advance to ensure you have plenty of drinks for your guests.
Bring the Birthday Cake
A birthday is not complete without a delicious cake. Ensure the birthday girl or boy can blow out the candles at their party – and try to identify the best point in the event to turn down the lights and shine a spotlight on the special guest.
Ask for Help
If you are planning a birthday party for a friend or family member, don’t attempt to arrange the event alone. Enlist helpers to take some of the burden before, during and after the party. For instance, you can ask their parents to greet the guests, or can ask their friends to help set up or clean up the venue.

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