From Hope Valley (Week 36): The Legacy of Facing Problems and Fears Together

November 8, 2017

Listening to Elizabeth's journal entry in the fourth episode of season 3, I was immediately struck by the beautiful wisdom of how when people come together to face fears and problems it create a beautiful legacy.  For when we do this, when we have the courage to come together and choose love, we find that the legacy that is created is a haven of hearts at rest peacefully and safe. 

These past few months I have really been considering this concept of how much truth and hope is found in Elizabeth's words in this journal entry. This past week, as I and so many of you wept at the tragedy that enfolded in Texas and other events around the world I have considered this a bit more deeply. 

As we approach the end of 2017 and consider a new year I think it is fair to say that this past year has been filled with lots of emotional turmoil for this nation and this world that I love so much. Honestly, just even typing the words "emotional turmoil" seems to be a bit of an understatement. 

But in these times of emotional turmoil and brokenness, we as a people are given a unique opportunity to show the love of God to those who need it most. To those who have been directly affected by a tragedy, to communities who are brokenhearted, or just to the children that we see who are scared for their futures. 

This past week I have been so encouraged by the courageous and tireless work of hundreds of law enforcement officers who daily risk their lives to bring peace to an often chaotic world. I sent off a couple of thank you letters to soldiers I have adopted knowing that they and their families are sacrificing so much to serve our country. We have seen and witnessed heroic loving behavior as families offer forgiveness in the midst of their pain and grief. I see friends who courageously come together and loving address disagreements no matter their political beliefs or standings. 

In these moments I am gently reminded that we have the opportunity to show love to each person that we encounter today.

Love that can speak grace to the hurting.
Love that offers kindness in the face of tragedy.
Love that rejoices with truth and holds on to hope.
Love that offers compassion to those who disagree with them.
Love that knows love always triumphs. 

We live in a world that is often plagued by fears and terror. Today friends let's take our love into this world confidently knowing that by doing this- by courageously facing problems and fears together we are creating a legacy of hearts being at rest peacefully and safe.

"Tell those who are terrified, be brave, and don't be afraid. Your God will come... He will come and rescue you."
-Isaiah 35:4-

#hearties- Looking for a practical way to touch a child's life and create a legacy of love? I just read about this story this week and think it would be amazing for the #heartie community to flood this little boy with your cards and love. Jacob Thompson who is a 9-year old boy whose dying wish is to receive Christmas cards? What a beautiful gift to give to him and to his family in seeing his wish come true. You can read more about his story HERE or to send a Christmas card today mail it to the following address:

Jacob Thompson
c/o Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall St.
Portland, ME 04102

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