Chloe + Isabel Semi-Annual Sale

July 29, 2016

Y'all know how much I love jewelry and being a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel! Well I am so excited to share that for the next 2 days the Semi-Annual Sale is happening!! If you have ever wanted to purchase some beautiful pieces of jewelry for yourself (or to get started on your Christmas list!) this is the time! So many beautiful pieces are up to 65% off and are going fast!! (You can shop the sale in my boutique by clicking HERE!)

Here are some of my favorites:

This beautiful ring was $38 dollars and has now been marked down to $13!! I love the look of it and it is simply a gorgeous ring to have for all different season. 

Gilded Ivory Statement Bracelet

The lovely vintage looking Gilded Ivory Statement Bracelet is such a beautiful and timeless piece that can be worn with several bracelets or simply worn alone. It was originally $52 and is now on sale for $31!!

Dainty Leather + Bead Bracelet

This sweet and lovely bracelet is a steal at only $10!! It would be a perfect addition to your jewelry collection or to put aside for a Christmas gift!

Medina Turquoise Stackable Rings

The stackable rings have always been a favorite of mine. I love that you can wear them in a variety of different ways. Originally $38 these beautiful rings are on sale now for $13!!

Retro Pavé Stud Earrings

The Retro Pave Stud Earrings are a favorite of mine that I often slip on for a pop of color. They are dainty and yet bold and are a lovely option now reduced from $32 to $16!!

Retro Pavé Cocktail Ring

Matching the above earrings and from the same lovely collection is the Retro Pave' Cocktail Ring. It is a steal at $16 and is one of my favorite rings! (Interested in a different color? Check out the sale page to see the other beautiful colors in the Retro Pave' Cocktail Ring collection!)

Malachite + Pavé Convertible Necklace

Looking to add a necklack to your collection? This beautiful convertible necklace is the perfect addition - especially as a transitional piece from summer to fall. Originally $52 it is now marked down to $18!!

Atlas Statement Ring

Do you love to make a statement with your rings? Check out the beautiful Atlas Statement Ring. It is the perfect addition to your ring collection and is a steal at only $13!!

I have loved all of my pieces that I own by Chloe + Isabel but especially love my 

Modern Convertible Torsade Necklace

This necklace is the perfect addition to wear to dress up or down and is a unique style statement piece. It features handmade brass chains loosely braided with shimmering glass beads and droplets and is simply gorgeous. I have never seen it go on sale before (it is a best -selling piece in the Chloe + Isabel family) but is now marked down from $148 to $74!! 

So these are some of my favorite pieces from the sale - what are yours? Don't forget that ALL of Chloe + Isabel's pieces come with a lifetime guarantee on each of their products. Thank you so much for shopping in my boutique! My commission for this month will be going to help pay for my medical bills. Thank you again! You can click HERE to go directly to my boutique!

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