Stranded ... Famous Edition

July 13, 2016

I'm so excited!!  Y'all may remember last month that I linked up with Shay and Erika's link up "stranded" and shared three netflix series I would take to a deserted islandEach month there is a different topic and today, we're blogging about what three famous people we would take with us if we were stranded on a deserted island.

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Let me be clear. I really have no justification as far as "survival skills" in choosing these three women. I chose them because I admire the way that they are using their positions of to help bring advocacy for a number of issues and basically would love to spend time with them. *hahaha* I am obviously imagining this "stranded" experience to be a day at the beach with all of my basic necessities met (like one of my favorites, Coco Cay *smiles*) Hahaha. So with that in mind... here are the 3 people I would love to have on the deserted island with me:

(1) Duchess of Cambridge

If you have been around this blog or know me at all I am pretty sure that you could have guessed that Kate Middleton would make this list. *smiles* (I know, I know, it is shocking that Harry didn't make the cut. *smiles*) Seriously though, how awesome would it be to spend some time with Kate? 

(2) Queen Rania of Jordan

I had the opportunity to hear Queen Rania speak a number of years ago and was incredibly impressed with her work to bring humanitarian aid and women's rights into the Middle East. Queen Rania is known not only for being an avid user of social media, but for her efforts and advocacy work related to education, community empowerment, micro-finance, cross-cultural discussions and health related issues. 

(3)Angelina Jolie
I know, I am surprised that I am listing her also in a way. I don't like any of her movies, and yet recently someone was sharing with me everything that Angelina has done in humanitarian work and I was shocked and inspired. She has been to countless field missions in some of the most remote countries in the world. She has contributed millions of dollars and is on a number of charities, the list is literally endless. Absolutely inspiring. 

So these are my three famous people I am bringing if I'm stranded on a deserted island! Who would you love to see on your deserted island if you were stranded?  I'd love to know your thoughts!!  Comment below (or link up!) and share this with us!  

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Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. I struggled with choosing Kate for my list - because I do really like her! - but opted for her late mother-in-law instead. I'm an 80's girl like that!

    1. Laura,

      That is so funny! I almost included Diana also but decided to do all "alive" people *smiles* Heading over to check out your list now! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!!