December Caravan Book Launch Team (and Application!!)

July 7, 2016

We're thrilled to announce you can now sign up to be a part of the December Caravan book launch team! 

25 Women will be selected from the applications to join the launch team on July 25th and the members will be notified via email by July 26th. 

Launch team members will receive exclusive access to a pre-release physical or digital copy (your choice) of December Caravan and will be invited to join our private facebook group. 

SO there are only 25 spots- that's it and here is what we are looking for:
* someone that LOVES books
*someone who loves the Lord and enjoys reading books on faith
*someone that loves the internet and isn't afraid of social media
*someone who who is will to post about the book's release on their social media sites (and blog if applicable) and write a review on Amazon AND Goodreads

Who Can Apply for the Launch Team?
*Are you excited to read December Caravan and tell your friends about it?
*Are you fairly savy at Social Media?
*Do you have an active blog? Are you active on any social Media Account? Do you have another legit place of influence (christian ministry director, newsletter editor, group leader, site manager, youth leader, women's ministry director, sunday school teacher, christian school teacher, teacher, etc.?)

IF YES to any of these questions than we would love for you to apply!!! (You can click HERE to do so!) 

Things that We do NOT care about:
*your age (this is a book for women 16-100+)
*Your location- we are happy to send the book to anywhere in the world
*Your social media numbers 

What would I be required to do?
We are asking you to do FOUR things:

1. Read an early copy of the book.

2. Engage with your friends and followers online by posting about the book before, during, and after launch week (you will be provided with complimentary images, ideas, etc. on how to do this) (Launch Week is the week of August 23, 2016)

3. In your place of influence we require that you write a blog post, facebook post, social media post, etc. about the book. You will be provided with lots of pics, links, and goodies for this!

4.  Post a review on Amazon AND on Goodreads during Launch Week (Launch Week is the week of August 23, 2016)

What Do I Get?
You will receive a free physical or digital copy of the book that will provide you with a first look at the book and access to a private facebook group that will keep you updated on the activity and latest news around the book. This gives you an opportunity to get an inside look at marketing a book and being apart of the movement surrounding the book. There will also be some exciting opportunities and special surprises for the launch team to win free goodies!! AND I will be forever grateful!!

How do I Join?
We have made joining and applying for the December Caravan book launch team SO simple. Simply fill out the application HERE!! (HURRY!!) Don't forget, if chosen you will receive an email on July 26th and be invited to join the facebook group on that day also!

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