Chloe and Isabel Fundraiser for Anna Soderlund

August 13, 2015

Today I am so excited to share that if you shop in my boutique today through Sunday I will be giving a major portion of the proceeds to help a sweet friend of mine who has been courageously changing her world for Christ.

I first met Anna when I taught High School History and she was in one of my 10th grade World History and Middle East History classes. I truly never had "favorite students" but let's be honest, Anna always gave me a kind smile and nodded her head when I said I was going to marry Prince Harry so this endeared me to her quickly. *smiles* Seriously though Anna was a LOVELY to get to know, hilarious, a joy to be around and as the years have continued I have watched with joy, prayed for her, and marveled at the way the Lord works in people's lives. Two years ago when I went back to visit the 12th grade girls Bible class, I remember being in awe of all that the Lord was teaching me that day and the hope that is found in history. But more than that I remember marveling at seeing how these beautiful and precious women were going out to change their worlds for Christ. 

As y'all know, the issue of trafficking and helping those who are hurting holds a huge piece of my heart after my time working in DC in this area. I am so excited to support Anna with this fundraiser and team up with her as she steps into working and helping those affected by this and so many other things! Anna's courageous and brave way of following the Lord has encouraged my heart so much and I know that as you read a little bit from her today she is going to encourage and inspire yours too! 
My team and I holding a child named Angel in Costa Rica - one of many high risk youth for being trafficked and molested
Hi y'all! I'm Anna! Over the past nine months, I have traveled to three countries, graduated two schools, and have had once-in-a-lifetime chances to share God’s love with the exploited, the abused, and the hurt. I have had the pleasure to pray with both guys and girls who are being sold on the streets of LA, Mexico, and Costa Rica, to talk to and speak the truth of God to pimps, traffickers, and “Johns,” and I have had the chance to experience in a whole new way the true character of God by reading and studying through the Bible. God has taken me deeper than I ever thought my feet could ever wander. God has taken my hand and walked with me on a journey to opening my heart for His plan for my life. 

This fall I have been invited to come on staff at YWAM Los Angeles working with the Justice Discipleship Training School. Being on staff for Justice DTS, 6 months out of the year I will disciple and walk alongside students in our program leading them to grow in their relationship with God letting Him heal and captivate their hearts while becoming aware and fighting to end sex trafficking not only in the USA, but all over the world. 

For three months we will fight against trafficking in LA reaching out to the girls on the streets with our students. Then the next three months we will take teams to other countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica to work with organizations against trafficking. The other six months of the year we spend without students, we will be continuing our ministry called Justice 180 where we reach out to the sexually exploited girls on the LA streets giving them hope and a way out of their imprisoned lifestyle, while working toward our vision of opening a coffee shop to give the rescued girls a chance at a new career.
talking to girls on the street
Talking to the girls on the streets, something that I hear too often when we offer them prayer is, “Oh, God doesn’t want you to pray for me, He doesn’t like me because of what I do.” And, every time my hearts breaks, and every time I say the same thing to them, “God sees you. God knows your heart. He doesn’t judge you for what you do. He loves you because He sees you as his perfect daughter.” I get to do that. How incredible is that. That God has chosen to use me to tell his broken, abused sons and daughters that He loves them.

All of these amazing journeys were only made possible by God’s grace and by the overwhelming support of those walking alongside me. I cannot even begin to thank you for how much your support has meant to me and your consideration of joining in on this fundraising effort this week.

Thank you again!
Isn't this amazing? To accomplish these things Anna is raising funds for support. If you would like to help contribute head on over right now to shop in my boutique!! Thank you for inspiring me Anna- you are such a blessing!! 

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