Chloe + Isabel St. Jude Walk/ Run Fundraiser

August 25, 2015

As I was sitting in treatment yesterday, receiving necessary things for my body I was reminded how big of a struggle it is to pay for the necessary treatment procedures that my body needs. From IM shots to IVs to supplements and medication to a thousand other little things it can be extremely overwhelming. The financial aspect and burden when you are sick is a stress that I wish noone had to live with honestly. But the reality is that it is there. Every single day. Whether I want to think about it or not I am reminded everyday of the hundreds of little things that I need to purchase and spend money on in my fight to get well all the while worrying that it will never be enough. Through the kind generosity and help from others with my go fund me page, I receive help that is needed in order for me to get better. 

And then I think about what it would be like to have my own child be sick and the heartbreak, the burden, and the passionate desire to do anything to get them well and not have the financial resources to do so. 

And I think about the children who are suffering and desperately need help due to being sick but due to finances can't afford to get better.

And that is why I am so personally grateful to partner up with St. Jude to help those kiddos that are fighting desperately for their health and the parents who are longing to see their kiddos happy, healthy, and returning to "normal life". 

So will you join with me y'all?!? TODAY ONLY I am sharing my commission from my boutique in hopes of raising $100 for St. Jude. All you have to do is click HERE and shop away knowing that you are not only purchasing beautiful jewelry but you are changing a child's life! Will you join with me today?!?

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