the Lyme Diaries: "Foodie" Tips (Energy & Financial Savings Ideas)

April 13, 2015

Happy Monday friends! Today I am excited to share with y'all some "foodie" tips that I hope with help those of you struggling with Lyme Disease (or maybe any illness) in regards to some energy and financial savings ideas. (If you are looking for financial tips for your health journey, I wrote an entire post on Financial Resources and Tips HERE!) Today though I wanted to share some helpful ideas that might save you some energy and time in dealing with all things food related!

Energy Saving Tips
(1) Shop at Specific Times. For different people this might mean different things, but shop at times that are good for your energy. There is nothing worse than having to tackle the grocery store after treatment on a busy holiday weekend. Shop at times that are good for you and where you won't face a lot of crowds. 

(2) Accept Help. If friends or family members have offered to help you in grocery shopping for you - take them up on their offer. (Also accept help from those in the grocery store who offer to help you carry out items to your car!!) 

(3) Order online and pick up at the store. MANY grocery stores now offer the option of placing your order online and then coming to pick it up after someone else has done the shopping for you. Some stores don't even charge a fee for doing this! This is SUCH a huge help for those of us with limited energy!! 

(4) Stick to a list. Before you go grocery shopping make a list of the items that you need and write them out in order of the way that you will shop in the store. This will save you a ton of energy and time from continuously going back and forth across the store for "one more item" that you forgot.

(5) Do the Best you Can. It is true that to save money you should buy "in season" and not purchase the cut up fruit/veggies. BUT it is also true that you may not have the energy to spend to cut up those fruits and veggies. If you truly don't have the energy to cut up a ton of things (I get it I really do!!) then spend the extra money to purchase the items that are already pre-cut. In the end your body is worth it as you choose really good items that are helping you get better!

(6) Remember that the Correct Foods Help you Fight your illness. When you are fighting an illness you often are worn down by the treatment and the endless list of things that you have to do each day. Remember that grocery shopping is an important part of your journey. I always like to remember that each food item that I am picking up is helping me fight my illness. Choose wisely and try and treasure this time as one important piece in your fight towards health!

Financial Saving Tips
(1) Use Coupons.  One easy resource for saving money is using coupons. Don't get a Sunday paper? Ask friends and family members for the coupons out of theirs. This is a simple way that they can help you and they will be happy to be able to "do something" in your journey! (Don't forget to look up online coupons also and Target's Cartwheel App!)

(2) Shop on Discount Days.  Many grocery stores offer different types of discount days. Some offer double coupon days, student discount days, or other types of discount days. Try and shop on these days to help earn extra savings!

(3) Buy only what you are going to Use. SO many people buy grocery items that they find on sale for very cheap or purchase items that they "hope/plan" to use but never really do. Be realistic with yourself and only purchase what you truly are going to use. In the long run this will save you a ton of money as you will not be throwing out items you didn't end up using before they went "bad".

(4) Contact Companies Directly for Coupons. Going along with #1, contact companies directly for additional coupons. Many people with illnesses (like myself) are on an incredibly strict diet and aren't able to freely pick and choose from a variety of options or brands. Take the time to contact the company directly for coupons- you may be delightfully surprised by what you are given!!

(5) Do the best that you can. There are times where I just can't afford to get "fresh" veggies that I would love to. Choose the next best option that you can afford. (Also understand which vegetables & fruit that you should eat organically and which ones you can choose to eat non-organically. This can also save you some money!)

(6) Purchase the "cheapest" items & treat yourself once a month to other things. In the last year my body has been healing and allowing me to eat a more healthy variety diet. I am so incredibly thankful! BUT as my body as been healing I am starting to crave certain fruits and veggies that are not always the cheapest. For example, I love wild blueberries but they are expensive. I seriously think that I could eat quarts and quarts of them everyday! BUT like I said, they are EXPENSIVE and I just can't afford to do that. So I choose other fruits that are cheaper that are in season and treat myself to a quart of wild blueberries once a month. This allows me to still enjoy what I love but not blow my entire food budget on that one item!

(7) Stock up on Foods that are on sale and you can freeze. Stock up on the items that are on sale that you could freeze or can for the future! This will definitely save you money in the long run!

(8) Get to know your Grocery Store employees. Many grocery stores start discounting items at a certain day of the week because new food trucks will be arriving the next day. Get to know the employees of the grocery store and find out the inside secrets! The employees at several of the grocery stores in my area have been so incredibly kind and helpful in this journey!

What about y'all? What are some energy and financial saving tips that you use? I would love to know!! 

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up with us! Such helpful tips! Love the one about getting to know grocery store employees - never would've thought of that! :)