Rebecca's Medical Trip 2015

April 16, 2015

Since being diagnosed with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease in March 2013 followed by a Cancer diagnosis in May 2013 I have steadily been fighting for my health through a variety of resources. In March 2014 I was blessed to finally find appropriate and wonderful medical care and have started to see my body respond to aggressive integrative treatment. Through the use of strong antibiotics, alternative medicine, and a variety of treatments I have started to reclaim (slowly) step by step my health. Due to the strength of oral antibiotics being too strong for my digestive system at this stage I will begin a course of IM shots out in California during the second week of June. Due to the serious nature of this treatment my mom and I will be flying out and staying a week so that I can be properly watched under medical care to ensure that I do not develop any anaphylactic reactions or serious complications. The cost of this trip is quite expensive and we are praying that all of the funds that are needed will be provided for. We have started this specific "go fund me" page to prayerfully and hopefully offset some of the funds that are needed for this trip and for the cost of the shots. Thank you so much for all of your love and support throughout this entire journey. 

Breakdown Cost of California Trip
Doctors Appointment- $500
Cost of Shots for Entire Course (10 shots)- $800
2 Round Trip Airline Tickets- (approximately) $1500
Hotel Stay (5 nights)- (approximately) - $700
Rental Car- $250
Food- (approximately)- $300

Total Cost- $4050

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