sponsor a mile (from Emily, Rebecca's sister)

April 22, 2015

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I am honored to share a few words from my sister about a run that she is doing for me in order to help raise funds for my upcoming medical trip out to California! Without delay here is what my sister has shared:

(from Emily, Rebecca's sister):

"As many of you know my sister is going back out to CA in June, and this time my mom is traveling with her due to the intensity of the treatment. As a way of helping ease some of the financial burdern I am running a 10k on May 2nd here in Nashville. I would be honored if anyone would join with me and sponser a mile. It is a little over 6 miles, and any donation would be a blessing! Rebecca's go fund me page and the breakdown of costs are in the link above. Thank you again for all your support! "

If you are interested in giving a donation you can simply click HERE to go to my "go fund me" page. As my sister has shared any donation would be a blessing! Thank you so much for all of your support sweet friends!



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    1. you are SO sweet and supportive friend! SO grateful for your kind friendship in this journey!!
      Rebecca :)