The Hope of Springtime

April 3, 2015

These past two weeks have brought beautiful springtime weather and the reminder that Spring is truly here and winter has left us. Flowers and trees are showing buds and beginning signs of gorgeous views ahead. Many flowers and bushes are already blooming. Truly Spring reminds us of the truth that it always arrives no matter how long or dark the winter.
One of my favorite passages of scripture in this health journey comes from Song of Solomon 2:11-12: "For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come."
The beautiful knowledge and truth that Spring is an example of God bringing "new life" to all situations comforts and encourages my heart each and everyday. 
This has brought such comfort to my little heart as it has been a difficult couple of weeks. The hope and truth of these verses has encouraged this little heart of mine greatly.
I pray that as we enter into this Easter weekend that you feel the comfort and grace of our Lord meet you for each and every challenge you may be facing. May you be strengthened by the truth of Song of Solomon 2:11-12. Spring will come friends- in all areas of our lives. 

With Love, 


  1. Thank you for this reminder! I have been enjoying seeing Spring come but at the same time, I've been a little sad about it, as I just can't get out and enjoy it like I used to. But, I will rejoice and find ways to still get out and smell the roses that are blooming in my back yard =)

    1. Laura, I am so sorry to hear that you can't get out and enjoy Spring time like you used to. That is SO difficult. I empathize with you. Just yesterday as I was lamenting about the fact that I was not able to be out in the beautiful weather and going to church to celebrate Easter with loved ones due to my compromised immune system and that it has been a difficult couple of days filled with intense pain. TRULY these are difficult things to deal with. My prayers are with you as you face each day. May God bless you with His tender mercy and bring joy to your heart and life throughout this Springtime. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! You truly blessed my heart!
      Rebecca :)
      p.s. I would have loved to email you back directly but unfortunately you are a "no reply blogger". I hope to connect with you in the future!!