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May 16, 2014

Happy Friday y'all! I wanted to share some general updates with y'all from the past couple of weeks! 

(one) As y'all know from my notes from the porch post on Tuesday I have been struggling for the last couple of weeks with a variety of different things and feeling pretty awful. Unfortunately on top of this I have developed an allergic reaction to two of my "everyday" meds for my stomach. Due to this I made an appointment with my gastrointestinal specialist but sadly after this appointment we have decided to "go in different directions". Unfortunately at this time my case appears to be a little to complicated for him. I cried after the appointment as I appreciate everything that he has attempted to do but it was becoming obvious (in my last few appointments) that my case goes beyond the typical digestive issues and he can not handle that. It is sometimes hard to accept when a doctor doesn't have the answers but I am so grateful for a God who is the ultimate healer. As I continued to pray about this whole upsetting situation throughout the day yesterday I was reminded that the Lord sometimes closes a door to open a new one. Please pray as we search for a new specialist, try to figure out with my Lyme doctor the best medicine to try from here, and for relief from these very painful symptoms that I am struggling with. Ultimately we continue to pray with all of y'all for complete healing! Thank you!

(two) It is hard to believe that the summer months are almost upon us here! I have been SLOWLY begun the process of packing for New York. My heart loves this time of year and I am incredibly excited about my time at camp. An exciting announcement (that is an answer to prayer!) is that I have found a clinic in Vermont (approximately an hour away) where I will be receiving Vitamin C treatments!! THANK YOU for praying for this friends! As y'all know this treatment was incredibly beneficial to my health last May when I received it and I am rejoicing with this news! I will be taking these months off of soft covered hyberbaric oxygen and will be replacing it with new medications & supplements, therapeutic reflexology, vitamin c treatments, and acupuncture for these months. It is always a good thing with Lyme Disease to "change up" some things so this is a wonderful opportunity to do this. (I will return to the oxygen when I return to the south in the fall.) 

I always am blown away by your incredible generosity to me in this journey. I hesitated to post yet another "go fund me" page but so many of you have stated that you appreciate the opportunity to know how to be praying financially and to have an opportunity to donate financially if you are able. I have shared before that this is a very difficult part of this journey but after praying about it I have decided to continue this. This might change in the future but for now I humbly accept y'alls request. On my new page (which can be found on the right hand side here on my blog or can be found by clicking HERE) you can see that I have broken down the needs for the upcoming months. The page is giving an estimated amount that is still needed for medical bills and medical costs & treatment for the summer months (June- September). If you are curious here is the breakdown of what I am anticipating that I will still need after money that I prayerfully earn through free lance writing, Parcel Post Tribe, custom orders, and The Paper Sonnet Etsy Shop

$100- Therapeutic Reflexology for 4 months (not covered by insurance)
$200- Supplements for 4 months (this is only a small percentage of what is purchased each month, yet a very necessary link in the healing process)
$300- Vitamin C treatments 
for 4 months. This is the remaining amount after insurance pays a percentage)
$300- Doctors appointments, labs & blood work, and gas & ferry expenses for 4 months (after insurance covers their part)
$600- Acupuncture for 4 months (not covered by insurance)
Total Cost: $ 1500.00**

**This does not include costs that are already supplied. Listed above is the needs beyond what resources Rebecca has available at this specific time. This also does not include other expenses which are daily needs. Any extra amount this is raised will be set aside for Rebecca's doctors appointment and cost of travel in California in October**

Thank you again for all of your support and prayers! 

(three)Finally, as y'all know I am sooo honored to be on the design team for The Twinery and today I am sharing my first design team post on their blog! Click HERE to read about this project that I designed!


  1. Whoa!! You designed that? You are amazing!!!! When do you leave for NY?

    1. Aww thank you sweet friend! You are always so encouraging!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! We are planning to leave at the end of May- May 30th-31st we believe! :) Thank you again for your kind encouragement!!