Go Grey in May

May 19, 2014

I love how bloggy world allows people to connect in deep and personal ways. I think it must be because of the way that people share deeply personal struggles and issues in order to encourage others who might be going through the same or similar issues. In addition to this, in the midst of the vulnerability we have the opportunity not only to connect, but to encourage, support, pray, and walk through the joy and the difficult times in each others journey's. Caroline, from her the amazing blog, "In Due Time" has done all of this and more. She not only has supported me through sweet emails, countless prayers, encouraging notes & messages, RUNNING for "Rebecca's Run", contributing financially to my health costs, and her AMAZING kind words and encouragement but her blog encourages me every week. I often come away crying because what she has written is a fresh breath of love and she exemplifies Jesus through her writing. 

I asked her to share about something horrible that has happened to her family several months ago. Did you know that May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month? Me neither until this year and due to this story. But now I do. And I know that I will never forget again. My heart breaks for this sweet family and continues to pray for healing to their broken hearts. Thank you so much Caroline for sharing with us today... 
My world came crashing down when I got a call from my sister-in-law that my 2.5 year old nephew had just come out of an MRI which revealed that he had a brain tumor. I will never forget the moments that followed along with the next 15 days.
 After what a pediatrician just thought was a flu, stomach bug, or virus never got better, he decided to order an MRI for my nephew. He had been vomiting for weeks, but still acted as any other young boy - he continued to run around and play. Kai was admitted immediately to the hospital and two days later had an emergency 4 hour brain surgery. 95% of the tumor was removed and for that we were so grateful. But, 5 days later when we got the biopsy results, we were crushed. He was diagnosed with ATRT, It is so rare that there are only 30 new cases in the US each year. It is highly malignant and rare. Kai was able to come home for 3 days, but when the swelling got worse, he was taken back to the hospital. He had two more surgeries, but because of the aggressiveness of the tumor, he never woke up from the last (3rd) surgery. Just a few days later, March 21, which was 15 days after the original MRI, he passed away in his hospital bed with his mom and dad (my brother and sister-in-law) in the room with him. 

He is now with Jesus, pain and cancer free. 

Research is still being done for ATRT. There is no standard trial for ATRT yet, but he was going to try the Dana Farber treatment method which would include 52 weeks of chemo, radiation, and stem-cell transplant. Because it was so aggressive, we didn't even get the chance to start this protocol. All of a sudden something I didn't know much about has rocked my world. This month, brain tumor awareness month, I am going grey in honor of Kai. We have participated in two Head for the Cure races in an effort to raise money brain cancer research. Although our little Kai is gone and we are absolutely devastated, we are still choosing to trust the Lord's goodness. We know He will carry us through each hard day and that He will bring joy in the morning. As my sister-in-law posted when Kai passed away, we are making the daily decision that love wins. If you want to do more to support brain tumor awareness month, you can stop by my blog to learn more facts and about how I am going grey.
 Thank you SO much Rebecca for walking this journey with us and allowing me to share about brain cancer.
Want to read more and learn more y'all? Click HERE to read more on Caroline's blog.


  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for allowing me to share today!!!! You are the best!!! Thank you!!

    1. THANK YOU So much for sharing your story!! YOU are the best lady!! Hugs!!
      :) Rebecca