"A Door Of Hope" Custom Canvas

May 12, 2014

Do y'all remember me sharing about a special canvas piece that I made for my friend Jen several weeks ago? 
This piece was based off of Hosea 2:15 and it was delightful to create this for her! I was so happy that she loved it as much as I did! *smiles* 

Two weeks ago I was contacted through Etsy about creating a custom piece of this canvas. I was so incredibly honored by Sarah's request and it was a joy to work with her to come up with a piece that would work for her! Thank you again so much Sarah for the opportunity to create this piece for you!
This piece (just like the original in turquoise) was based off of  a verse in Hosea: 

"I will give her blessings there, and the valley of Achor for a door of hope..." 
- Hosea 2: fifteen- 
Sarah is pregnant and expecting her baby "Hope" in June and wanted colors that would match her nursery.  I worked to match the browns of her nursery with the browns of the nursery set that she chose. I was so pleased when the color came out so well after mixing several different brown hues (specifically I used a light chocolate brown, a dark umber, chocolate brown, white, copper brown, and dark chocolate brown). Sarah requested that I paint the word "Hope" in Red before white (just like I had done on Jen's piece) which I did. As I mentioned in the piece that I made for Jen, I wanted to paint it in red first and then cover it with white after because I loved the symbolism of Jesus' blood washing us white as snow. If you look closely (beneath the buttons) you can see a hint of red. 
Just like in Jen's piece I used lots of buttons which were a mix of vintage and modern. (As a side note I love to use a touch of vintage on all of my pieces because I love how remembering the past brings a unique joy to the future!)Using this mix of buttons I outlined the word hope in white and neutral colored buttons and used different colored buttons (that matched Sarah's nursery colors) to surround the word "door". 
It was such an honor to create this piece! I loved the canvas that I did for Jen (in blues) but I quickly fell in love with the colors standing out so lovely against the brown background! In fact I loved it so much that I listed it in the shop! *smiles* As always if you are interested in a piece from The Paper Sonnet click HERE to visit or send me an email to discuss a custom order!
Every time I receive a request to create a custom order I truly am amazed! It is such an honor to create and I am so grateful for the opportunity! Sarah, thank you again for your order! I pray that in this new season that is coming that you and your family will be blessed! Thank you again for the opportunity to create this piece for you!


  1. How sweet is this!!! LOVE these - you are so talented!

    1. Thank you sweet friend for your sweet words and lovely support!! What a beautiful encouragement you are to me!!
      :) Rebecca