San Francisco Bay Bridge, California

May 5, 2014

I am so delighted to share some more pictures from my March trip out to California for my doctors appointment. Last week I shared with y'all my fun in discovering Redwood City  and a few pictures from driving through San Francisco towards the bridge. Today I wanted to share the beauty from San Francisco Bay Bridge. What a beautiful area of the country this is! As I left the city and headed towards the bridge I started to see some small glimpses of the bridge. 
My original plan had been to only drive over the bridge but when I saw the sign for the viewing area I decided to pull off and was so happy that I did! I definitely recommend doing this if you haven't before!
Just pulling into the parking lot provided a gorgeous view of the bridge!
After I paid the $1.75 (for an hour - it was so cheap!) to park the car I decided to spend a few minutes walking around. My doctors appointment had been overwhelming in a lot of ways and I needed to spend a few minutes just "outside of medical world". Spending time here turned out to be the perfect gift of the day! As I walked around I slowly made my way to the observation area and literally stopped and gasped when I came across the total view.
Absolutely stunning! It was a gorgeous day!
After I had walked the short distance to the viewing area (lower level) I slowly walked back to my car. There are other trails that you can take to walk and see different views of bridge. While I didn't explore these on this visit I definitely hope to in the future!
As I got back in my car and drove over the bridge I was in awe of the amazing talent and work that it took to build this bridge. I love that you can walk across it if you want to too and would love to do this in the future! 
Before I turned around to head back to the hotel I pulled through the viewing area on the other side and snapped a quick picture of the city. 
It was such a gorgeous day and I was so thankful to have the opportunity to see this famous landmark. What a beautiful area! If you haven't had a chance to visit it I definitely recommend it! (Of course by now y'all know that I will recommend California completely *smiles* Happy Monday y'all!

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