Memorial Day Twine Flag

May 26, 2014

**I first shared this on the Twinery's blog last week!**

In honor of Memorial Day today I wanted to share it with y'all on here! I hope y'all enjoy and have a wonderful day today!
It is no secret that I love the products from The Twinery and I love finding ways to thank the servicemen and women who are serving America around the world. I often use twine to add a little bit of “happy color” to the packages that I send abroad and love to take time to honor those who have worked so hard to defend our country. As we approach Memorial Day and July 4th (later on this summer) I was looking for a way to combine these loves. This project was delightful to make as an adult to use to display patriotic sentiments but easy enough for children to make as a sweet summer crafting project. 

First I gathered my supplies- Mixed Media (acid free) cardstock, craft tape, and the twine that I was going to use, and an old atlas book with vintage maps inside.
Second, I gathered all of the colored twine that I needed for the project. I specifically ended up using Solid Midnight BlueNatural, and Maraschino for this project!
Third, I attached the vintage map to the mixed media cardstock to give it a firm background and allowed the finished product to be displayed in a variety of different places without needing to be framed. 
Fourth, I  used the Solid Midnight Blue twine to complete the solid section first before starting the stripes.
Fifth, after completing the Solid Midnight Blue section I started to work on the Natural, and Maraschino stripes sections. To be honest I started off with sketching out the lines and gave up after two! (hahaha) I ended up liking the “free hand/rough” better than it looking perfect. Honestly y’all this project took some time but was easy enough for young children to do. I cut strips of the crafting tape and then added the Natural and Maraschino twine to create the finalized look.
Finally, I attached the ends under the map and then attached it to mixed media cardstock to give it a finished look. I loved the final product and think y’all would really have fun trying it too!
I have loved the twine from the The Twinery for quite a while and hope that you will continue to come back to see all of the fabulous ways that you can use twine in your everyday life!
Happy Memorial Day y'all!!

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