Redwood City, California

April 28, 2014

I am so delighted to share some pictures from my March trip out to California for my doctors appointment. (yes, I know I am horribly behind! I am so sorry!) As y'all know from my Notes from the Porch sixteen update I arrived in California early in the morning (PST) and went to the hotel to check-in, then to the doctors office and finally to  Whole Foods before spending the remainder of the day resting. 
I first wanted to go to Pacific Frontier Medical Group to do a prayer walk around the office. (Anytime that I have gone to a "new place" in my life- a job, apartment, home, doctors office, etc. I always like to take time to stop and pray on the grounds. I like to spend time praying over the place, asking the Lord for wisdom, praying for those that I am going to meet, and begging the Lord that He would make Himself known in each conversation. At doctors offices I also ask the Lord to give the doctors wisdom and to bless the appointments with clear direction.) Because it was a Sunday the streets were deserted and there was no one around which gave me the opportunity to spend a long time praying as I walked around the building.
I loved how there was a couple of beautiful lilies on the property! 
As I left Pacific Frontier and drove to Whole Foods I was so delighted to spend a few moments driving through the "historic section" of Redwood City. It was so quaint and immediately I fell in love with it.
As y'all know I find historic brick buildings wonderful. 
And historic brick buildings with flags... absolutely lovely.
Main street was simply adorable.
I was so thankful for the opportunity to "explore" this historic area through driving (as I did not have the energy to walk it!) and to see this city. Prior to this visit for the doctors appointment I had not been to northern California (except to airports for connecting flights). It was definitely a treat to see a small part of northern California. Every time that I visit California it steals a little piece of my heart! *smiles* Later on this week I can't wait to share with y'all some pictures from San Francisco! Until then y'all I hope that you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Love these pictures:) I love that you do a prayer walk around the place!! xoxo Katie

  2. I'm so disappointed that I didn't see this before planning out SF trip! Also, I love walking around new places alone, it offers such a perfect time to reflect and speak with God. And, if no one else is around (never happens in NYC) it's great to talk aloud as if to a friend. Love this :)