"A Door of Hope" Canvas

April 7, 2014

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Today I wanted to share with y'all a little something that I made for my sweet friend Jen. I shared a little about her amazing story of fighting Epilepsy with courage and hope last year on her birthday and while I don't talk much about her and only briefly mention her name here and there on the blog (out of respect for her and her privacy) I can't begin to tell you how much this woman has inspired, encouraged, and blessed me these past years. I am truly humbled to call her my friend. Jen has the amazing ability to encourage my little heart while still empathizing and speaking truth into my life on days that I am hurting too much to even cry. I know that I can speak completely honestly with her and lay my vulnerable heart open and she will not only accept where I am at but also prayerfully and compassionately lead me right to the heart of Jesus. She is an AMAZING person!
She has had such an impact on my life and is such my hero that sometimes I just want to scream to God- "hello - PLEASE ANSWER and HEAL- Are you listening here?"!! And honestly sometimes I have done that... but mainly I cry out to the Lord and beg Him to touch her life and heal her completely and bless her as she has blessed SO MANY PEOPLE including myself. Jen reminds me each and everyday that our Hope comes from knowing that this is a temporary place and our HOPE is found in God alone

I wanted to send her something little to encourage her as she daily encourages me and wanted to send her part of a verse that I am praying for her daily. 

"I will give her
 blessings there, and the valley of Achor for a door of hope..." 
- Hosea 2: fifteen- 
Photo: Jen S. property
I wanted to use colors that I knew Jen would like that reminded me of the beach (yes, we both have a love for the beach! *smiles*) and brought joy by looking at it. One of the things that I did was paint a couple of different "blue" colors on the back of this canvas and then painted the word "Hope" in Red. I wanted to paint it in red first and then cover it with white after because I loved the symbolism of Jesus' blood washing us white as snow. If you look closely (beneath the buttons) you can see a hint of red. 
A verse that Jen and I often text back and forth to each other on difficult days is about the woman who bled for 12 years and then was healed in an instant when she touched Jesus' cloak. (Luke 8) All we need is one touch to be healed- our God is SO powerful!

As I mentioned above I wanted to bring joy to Jen when she looked at this canvas and so I wanted to use buttons. Honestly I think buttons are delightful and I just love using them in different projects! 
Using buttons I outlined the word hope in white and neutral colored buttons and used different "beachy/summery" button colors to surround the word "door". 
So many of you have faithfully covered me with your prayers. Would you also pray for Jen? This has been an intensely long battle for her and she has faithfully glorified God through each step and blessed and encouraged thousands with her story. Thank you sweet friends! 

Jen, thank you for walking this journey of life with me. You are amazing. My prayer sweet friend is that God is leading you into a new season - through a new door ... away from the valley of Achor (hardship, difficulty, etc.) into a door of HOPE and blessing! I love you friend!

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  1. Wow Wow Wow! This is SO beautiful and so very thoughtful! you're an amazing friend and I just know Jen will feel loved and hope everytime she sees this!