Cruising 2014: a final thank you

March 28, 2014

"He brought me out into a spacious place. He rescued me because He delighted in me!"
 - Psalm 18: nineteen-
As I conclude with this final post about the precious cruise in February, I am overwhelmed by all that God did. I was so incredibly fearful about the trip due to my health and ended up having one of the best weeks in years which was an amazing answer to hundreds of prayers! I wanted to take this time to thank the many precious people who made this experience!
To my precious family- my mom & dad, and amazing sister~ Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and your support in taking this adventure. You truly gave me a gift for a lifetime....I love y'all so much !
To the precious friends who desire to remain anonymous who helped make this financially possible ~ Words can not describe the gratefulness that I have for you. Your foresight to see that this would be emotionally a blessing in this journey was a gift from the Lord. I appreciate more than words can express your love and support, your gracious financial gift, and your love not only for my physical well-being but also for my heart. 
To Michelle ~ From the moment that we connected in Miami you were the absolute model of grace. Thank you so much my dear friend for your constant support and love, your encouragement to my little heart, your understanding and selfless nature that constantly put me first on this trip, your encouragement as I was in tears in several times throughout the trip, for your compassionate heart that put me completely first, the laughter and understanding that you extended when I didn't have enough energy to "go go go" all day long, and your ability to bring joy to each person that encounters you. I am so thankful to the Lord for your beautiful friendship! Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL week!! 
To Zoey, Monica, Jen, Kaara, Katie and Tammy~ Thank you so much for your prayers for the trip, your incredibly gracious words, and your prayers for a week "away" from all things "sick world related". Thank you for praying for EVERYTHING that I mentioned (and knowing my heart well enough to pray for things that I didn't mention! *smiles*). Your prayers were answered in so many beautiful ways.
To the lovely Wissmann family ~ The minute that I read that you were going on the cruise the Lord stirred up a dream to go and to meet y'all "in person". Thank you for your incredibly gracious hearts, your lovely example and love for the Lord that shines through your lives, and your generosity of opening up your hearts to all who encounter you. Thank you for your music that has touched so many lives for the Lord (including mine!) You are such a blessing! (Gloria- Thank you for your beautiful kind words that truly touched my heart. What an amazing blessing you are!) 
To Rachel, Abi, Hannah, Ruth, and Kori ~ Thank you so much for the time that you took in your sweet conversations to include us, your sweet and gracious joy that truly touched my heart, and your kindness. Hannah, thank you for taking the time to invite us to join y'all many times. Your joy touched so many lives (including mine)! Abi- Thank you for your heart that included us from the moment we met you and your gracious understanding of my little heart. Y'all are simply wonderful. What a blessing to have gotten the privilege to get to know you some and to be able to connect with you. The Lord truly has used y'all to touch my life. (Umm... Ruth and Kori - how did we not get a picture with y'all??)
To Rachel (and Alan) ~ Since I first dropped you a facebook message over a year ago - you have been a blessing to get to know a little bit through "internet world". Thank you for sharing your story of singleness and the love story that God wrote on your blog. You have truly touched my life through that story and your writing of the blog that I have read numerous times during difficult nights. The Lord has truly used you to remind me of the tender heart of our precious Savior. Thank you for welcoming us with your gentle and inviting spirit on the cruise into your life and for making us feel so welcome. Also, I know that I mentioned this to you... but ... I still well up with tears at how the Lord used you and Alan as you were sharing your story to encourage me in this journey. Thank you so much. 
To Ali ~ What a blessing you (and your sweet mama) have been to my heart! I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to get to know you some on the cruise and for a delightful day in Coco Cay talking about our lives and our precious Savior. Thank you so much for your open heart that encircles all who come in contact with you!
To my precious friends~ Thank you so much for ALL of your prayers throughout the week, the incredibly kind messages that I received before and after the trip, and the joy of reminiscing through these posts. Thank you so much for ALL of your prayers for me. 
To my delightful "Lymie Tribe" and "Cancer gals" ~ Thank you for saying "go"! You understand on a completely different level the terror and fear that comes with these illnesses and are a blessing in fighting that dragon! 
To our delightful Cruise "table" friends ~ Thank you so much for your fun hearts that brought so much laughter and fun throughout each dinner meal. What a blessing to my life !
To Anna~ What a delight it is to see how the Lord connects peoples lives again and again!How fun to have the opportunity to "meet you" again four years later! It was delightful to hear of your passion for children and writing! I look forward to seeing how the Lord connects our lives again!
To James ~ Thank you so much for a conversation that encouraged me on this journey. It is crazy to think how many factors went into having that conversation come to be and TRULY it was a blessing from the Lord. 
To all who were apart of the Sing & Sail Cruise ~ Thank you so much for your hard work to make it such a wonderful cruise! You truly touched so many lives, including mine! "God be with you till we meet again"...

To the countless kind strangers, angels, and people that helped me on the cruise I am so incredibly grateful. Thank you again friends, so much for covering this amazing trip in prayer. TRULY the Lord answered beyond all expectations an amazing trip!! Thank you!

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