Cruising 2014: day four {Key West part one}

March 14, 2014

It is hard to believe that I am coming to the end of posts about the cruise! In some ways I think I am "delaying" these final posts just so that I can savor the memories "one more time". *smiles* I know that many of you sweet friends have asked me about the details of my doctors appointment from Monday and I appreciate your sweet patience as I process through the details myself. I promise that an update and a post is coming shortly. In the meantime I am so grateful for your sweet prayers, your thoughtful text messages and emails, and the love that you have as I continue to walk through this journey.

As we docked in Key West on day four I remember thinking that the days on the cruise had simply flown by. Our Key West adventures had Michelle and I truly trying to savor each last minute of our vacation. Due to the fact that Key West only allows so many ships at one time and the time of year there were not a lot of people around which gave all of us the opportunity to be "tourists" without any real waiting time. Key West reminded me in many ways of exploring Newport Beach, Balboa Island, and Southern California with the sweet beauty of a cute city by the water that draws you in with its colorful decor. (Yes, I do love living by the water. *smiles*) Today I just wanted to let the pictures do the talking and hope that you enjoy these! I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday! 

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