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Cruising 2014: Day two {Atlantis}

Day two of our cruise could only be summed as an adventure filled with lots of laughter and memories.  *smiles* First thought I want to show a couple of pictures from the concerts at night from day one that I talked about in the blog post from yesterday! (And maybe this is a good time to mention that a few some lots pretty much every picture from the concerts all revolve around the Wissmann Family. *smiles* ) Our cruise was on Royal Caribbean(the Majesty of the Seas ship) and most of our entertainment was in the Spectrum Lounge on the ship. It was a lovely room and venue for the entertainment. 
Some of the Wissmann Family singing at night. (Sorry that this picture is a little blury!)
On day two of our cruise we arrived in Nassau in the morning and Michelle and I enjoyed an absolutely beautiful view as we ate breakfast. The colors of the water are so absolutely stunning!! Those unique blues were breath-taking!
After eating breakfast we headed out into Nassau and grabbed a taxi (a story for another time *smiles*) and were taken to Atlantis. After walking around and chatting with a lovely staff member we decided to purchase a ticket to have access to the aquariums, a couple of beaches, and also were given a complimentary lunch voucher. We had a lovely time walking around and chatting and catching up on life. God was so good to give me the energy to have the opportunity to explore Atlantis as it was definitely all Him!
This rope bridge was so adorable!
All of the animals that we saw around the property were so unique and interesting!
This guy was approximately 75 pounds... I don't know why but I couldn't stop giggling as I looked at him!
The Atlantis grounds are truly beautiful! They are filled with lots of beautiful waterfalls, trees, and gorgeous colors.
As I mentioned above we were given a lunch voucher with our ticket and we ate lunch around a pool (and near some of the water slides that I definitely want to go on the next time I go to Atlantis !!) & had the most delightful time relaxing, talking, & laughing while we ate.
In my next post I will share pictures of our time in Nassau which was an adventure (to say the least). It was delightful to see Atlantis and I would love to return again one day!


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