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March 1, 2014

Hi y'all! Thank you so much for your prayers for this past week as I was away! I can't wait to share with y'all the MILLION different miracles that the Lord did on this trip due to your prayers!  Posts and pictures are coming soon!!

Today I wanted to write a reminder that sign ups for the March Parcel Post Tribe end on FRIDAY (the 7th)! Order now as space is limited! 

Here are a few pictures from the February Parcel Post Tribe! February's membership package included a "Thinking of You" card & a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" card! For the "Thinking of You" card I went with a whimsical and fun approach that incorporated twine, bright colors, happy stickers and a little bit of gold!

I wanted to make the "Happy St. Patrick's Day" card beautiful so I worked hard to incorporate delicate and detailed touches to each part of the card.
 Isn't this ribbon so adorable? I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! Y'all already know how much I love green so this ribbon with the green accents seemed like the perfect choice for St. Patrick's Day! I love "girly" touches so I added a bow to give it a feminine feel.
This sweet paper flower with the little touch of a jewel helped make this card even happier!
I loved the outcome and final product of the card!
As y'all know postage for each card you receive comes with a Parcel Post Tribe Membership. I love to use colorful & creative stamps and these stamps seemed to fit the feel of these cards!

 Each months membership comes with a special gift to help encourage creativity and beauty in your everyday life! Each package comes wrapped up in pretty tissue paper and twine!
Curious about more information or want to sign up? Read the details below!
I have always adored snail mail. Honestly to me there is nothing better than receiving a beautiful and thoughtful card in the mail that always seems to arrive at "just the right time". But I often hear from friends that they simply don't have the time to make cards, go to a store to purchase them, or have the correct postage for specialty made cards. 

The parcel post tribe will mail to you TWO beautiful and handmade cards each month for a very low cost. In addition to this you will receive a surprise little gift in the mail (for you to keep or giveaway), a 10% coupon for the month to spend at my Etsy shop, The Paper Sonnet, and an e-newsletter that is designed to encourage you to find joy in the simple beauty of life and to be inspired to live a creative life everyday! (The e-newsletter will also feature other artists who are living life beautiful and creatively!) AND guess what?!? The two cards will also come with the correct amount of postage so all you have to do is address them and drop them in the mail! AND a portion of all of the proceeds from each month will go to those who are chronically ill and struggling financially. 

the cost:
For a VERY low cost you will receive all of the items above. Did you know that cards can run as much as $5-$7 each? The Parcel Post Tribe is committed to making snail mail not only beautiful, but affordable. 

Here are the options that you can choose from:

1 Month Membership Purchase: $8.00
6 Month Membership Purchase*: $40.00
1 Year Membership Purchase*: $75.00

* Can be purchased to start on any month

Please choose an option that best suits your needs. Looking to save money? The 6 Month & 1 Year Membership purchases can save you money! To purchase any of the options just simply choose the option you would like from the drop down menu and then click on the "buy now" button.

Parcel Post Tribe Membership

In order to receive the current months order you must purchase the tribe membership by the 7th of the month. If purchased after this you will receive the following months package.
the fine print:
* These cards are unique and will not be sold in The Paper Sonnet
*The beautifully handmade cards are made with vintage and acid-free materials so that these cards can also be used as keepsakes for your friends and family for years to come. 
*As stated above: in order to receive the current months order you must purchase the tribe membership by the 7th of the month. If purchased after this you will receive the following months package.
*Cards will be mailed out NO later than the 10th of the month, but often times will be shipped out much sooner! 
* As you check out using PayPal DON'T forget to put your address in the note section and your email address that you would like the e-newsletter sent to.
*The e-newsletter will be delivered on the 20th of the month via email.
*Each card comes with the correct postage.
* If a "special" date for a month happens before the 20th of the following month then the month before will feature a card that recognizes that holiday/occasion in the future. (Please see listed below for the breakdown of the monthly listing of cards for the 2013 year.)

the monthly listing of cards (2013):
March: Administrative Professionals Day & Happy Spring Cards
April: Easter & Mother's Day Cards
May: Happy Birthday & Fathers Day Cards
June: July 4th & Wedding Day Cards
July: Baby & Anniversary Cards
August: Back to School** & Grandparents Day Cards
**For August ONLY when purchasing this months cards you can "personalize" them with details of age for "back to school" & how to appropriate address your Grandparents Day Cards.
September: Welcome Autumn & Sympathy Cards
October: Fall/Halloween Card & Veteran's Day Cards
November: TWO Thanksgiving Day Cards
December: Happy Holidays & Christmas Cards
January: Welcome Winter & Valentines Day Cards
February: St. Patrick's Day & Thinking of You Cards

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