Engagement Albums

April 1, 2014

Back in February I shared with y'all that I was so excited to celebrate with two dear friends on their engagement joy! I wanted to send them each a small engagement album so that they could write down specific memories, keep special keepsakes, and precious pictures of this delightful season in their lives.

I chose to go with albums that were approximately 6x8. I loved the size of this album and loved the way that it was big enough for them to insert different pictures but also give them a space to write their special memories down. (Some of the smaller albums such as the 6x6 make it more difficult to do this.) And, please forgive me for the poor quality of many of these pictures! They were taken on my phone... sorry!
The original album came with two binder rings to hold the albums together but (while I love using binder rings and use them often) I was looking to make the albums more "whimsical" due to this season in their lives. Due to this I chose a couple of ribbons to hold the album together. 
Inside the book I used a variety of papers that I thought portrayed a fun, beautiful, and unique look that I would hope to be true of an engagement season in life! I first laid out all of the papers and attached the chosen ones to the different pages in the album.
After I chose the papers that I wanted I went to work choosing the pages I wanted for each album. I also added some simple tags, glitter glue, and of course some fun embellishments like twine! (Y'all know I love twine!! *smiles*)
Each album came with approximately 20 pages (10 pages front & back) and I was so delighted to create this!
Some of you have asked me if I do "custom orders" for things like this (as this type of thing is not in my shop) and the answer is definitely "yes". I only take a certain number of custom orders each month so please feel free to email me so that we can get started if you are interested! You can email me at: caravansonnet@gmail.com. 

Happy April 1st sweet friends!

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