Cruising 2014: day four {Key West part two}

March 21, 2014

I know that I said this in my last cruising post but honestly it is so hard to believe that I am coming to the end of the posts about the trip. It's hard to explain how much this trip truly impacted my life and how the Lord used it to really encourage my heart during these difficult days. 

But today I wanted to show you the second half of the Key West pictures that I took. Honestly for both Michelle and I we found this day of our cruise to be incredibly relaxing. I had the best time spending the whole day with one of my best and dearest friends and it was such a precious time! After we had seen some of Key West and walked around we decided to walk back to the boat (since we were told that it wasn't that far). As we were walking we saw the boat and decided to "detour" a little bit from the directions that we were given and we were SO happy that we did! Because we detoured we were able to see some beautiful views, catch up with some people that we had met on the boat, sit and relax, and spend a little more time "stretching" the time out. 
What a blessing this amazing friend is to my life!! She has spent hours and hours and hours on her knees for me, has financially & emotionally supported me during these difficult days, and continues to encourage me each and everyday! SUCH a blessing!
As we walked to the water we had a beautiful view of our ship!
 These seagulls reminded me of camp! 
The water here in Key West was so beautiful! I was struck again by the colors of the water since we were still close to the Caribbean!
 This pelican made me smile. 
 One of the neat parts of the cruise was getting to know so many different people! This amazing lady (AMAZING voice y'all!!) has her own band and I can't wait to see where the Lord leads them! Vicki was so sweet to pose for a picture with Michelle and I!! 
 As we slowly walked back to the boat Michelle and I ran into a couple that we had met on the first day of the cruise. It was so fun to hear how their week had been and they sweetly snapped a picture of Michelle and I in front of the ship!
 As we got in line to go through security "check in" for the last time I was overcome with tears at how good the Lord had been. It had been a wonderful wonderful week FULL of incredible blessings, sweet new friendships, and AMAZING laughter and fun. I had been so so worried about this trip with my health and the Lord blessed and answered hundreds of y'alls prayers in amazing ways beyond anything I could have thought or imagine. As we stood in line Psalm 136 kept running through my mind... 

"His love endures forever...."
Thank you so much for joyfully walking these cruising posts with me! I have received so many sweet emails of encouragement, joy, and support and your love and sweet rejoicing with me that this trip was a blessing has touched my little heart. Thank you for being so patient as I am working to return so many sweet emails and facebook messages. Time has been incredibly busy between the cruise, traveling to California, doctors appointments, treatment, days spent sick in bed, and traveling up to New York for this past week and preparing to head home to the south tomorrow. I promise that I am working to return all of these messages and appreciate your patience! I am so thankful for y'all and I hope that y'all have a wonderful wonderful Friday and weekend. 


  1. Looks like an amazing time. Love all the pictures!

    1. Thanks so much Tori!! I so appreciate your sweet comment and words!! :) Happy Friday!
      :) Rebecca

    2. p.s.- I would love to connect with you Tori and see your blog but unfortunately you are a "no-reply blogger" could you email me? thanks!