Brendan & Naoko's Wedding Celebration

August 20, 2013

One of the loveliest things about this summer was having the opportunity to celebrate Brendan & Naoko's wedding with a family party several weeks ago. I first met Naoko a couple of years ago and her warm spirit and grace touch everyone who encounter her. I am so delighted for her and Brendan and we wish y'all a lifetime of happiness. 

Since we had not been able to go to the wedding we wanted to put together a small basket for the newlyweds as they are starting their life together in Missouri! 
Emily snapped this picture of the three of us ladies before we headed off to the party! (Side note: I truly was happy to be there and celebrate, it was just a very difficult (health wise) evening. Thankfully I have so many sweet people around me who love me and are walking through this journey with me. But if I don't look like my normally excited self that is why!)
Photo by Emily V.
My uncle with his (now) two daughters!
We had to snap a picture of the four of us ladies! We have eagerly anticipated a "fourth" to join us for many years and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter lady.
It has been two and half years since we all have gotten together and it was two and half years too long!
The cousins and the spouses!
The immediate family members *smiles*
Some of the extended family members (we missed all of you that were not able to make it!)
Love my amazing family!(aka. my amazing tribe)
Ba & Emily
The newlyweds with Ba.
Emily & I with our great uncle & great aunt.
The sisterhood.
Congratulations again Brendan and Naoko!