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Latest on the blog

a day on the lake

It is hard to believe that this summer is slowly starting to wind down and I have only a couple of weeks left here at camp. In many ways this summer has been incredibly different than any other summer but it seems like it has passed by just as quickly. With all of the rain that we have experienced we have not had the opportunity to spend time on the lake as much as other summers and were praying our little hearts out that Emily's visit with some dear friends also planning on coming up would grant us a lovely Saturday on the lake. It was answered beautifully. We had the best time, lots of laughter, I had one of my best days in months, and my energy held out for a couple of hours! 

We decided that we would ski first and then go tubing. {I didn't have the energy to ski this year, but can't wait to be back up next year!} Sarah & Emily decided to double ski first and it looked like no time had ever elapsed as they are naturals!
When Emily skied alone next she was seriously a jumping machine. {I think she is practicing without telling anyone! *smiles*}
Nate was awesome and even managed to perform a few tricks and stay up despite boat waves that would have knocked me out of the boat if Sarah hadn't grabbed me. (hahaha)
Somehow, even though mom only drove for ten minutes I have a picture of her and not of dad? 
After skiing for a couple of hours we went tubing. It was so much fun!!
Yes, the one tube had a little too much air. (hahaha!)
All I have to say is that switching tubes was completely Emily's idea even though I always get blamed for it! *smiles* 
And then I decided that I would switch tubes. Note to self. It was much easier to do eighteen years ago. (Hahaha) Somehow at fifteen I was alot more talented. And if you notice Sarah's face in the middle picture she agrees! (hahaha)
It was an absolute perfect day. Thank you God!! 

Also thank you so much to Sarah and Nate (and Wes who we missed so much!) who I not only think of as dear friends, but family who have walked this long road with me and are such a blessing. Love you guys so much!

What about y'all? What has been a perfect summer day for you?


  1. I just love lake weekends!! Glad you're soaking up every minute left.

  2. That looks absolutely wonderful!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! It looks like you had a blast. I've always wanted to go. You are beautiful as always! LOVE U!

  4. It looks like you had an amazing weekend :)


  5. That look like such a fun day!!!

  6. So fun. These photos make me want to say, heck yeah America. I may not agree with our leadership but I sure do love our country!!

  7. Wow! This looks like such a great day at the lake! I've only been water skiing once, and when I finally got up, I didn't know what to do and intentionally let go haha.

  8. these are the best pictures! I couldn't water ski to save my life, but that tubing looks right up my alley!


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