my (current) five blog crushes

August 11, 2013

Today's blogging prompt question from Northeast Bloggers was asking who our five favorite blog crushes are. Honestly it is hard to pick just five! When I first started Caravan Sonnet I knew that one of my goals was to develop a rich and vibrant community. In doing so I never want to pick "favorites" so the blogs that I have listed today are sweet writers who have been in the bloggy world for a while and whom I have gotten to know a little bit outside the "bloggy realm". I hope that you will be inspired by each of these blogs and out of today's post find some new blogs that maybe you haven't discovered before!
p.s.- It was so hard to only pick 5. I mean... lets be honest. It was impossible. 

(In no particular order)

1. Marshalls Abroad. Amanda, the writer behind the blog, is absolutely lovely. While her blog focuses on recipes that make you want to eat your computer, she also has posts about her daily life as a military spouse, her inspiring faith, and her travels. Her pictures are stunning and make you feel that you are truly seeing the places that her family travels to in person. Beyond her pictures though there is a simplicity of living life filled with beautiful dependence on God that jumps through the screen and touches your heart. 

2. Heart Shaped Sweat. Kristine is an amazing woman who writes about exercise, life, and her sweet family. As a military spouse she just recently moved and just like her entire blog she shows the courage that she and other military spouses have. Kristine is absolutely wonderful and is one of the most humble and helpful bloggers that I have ever encountered. She truly wants to see other bloggers succeed. I am so incredibly blessed to have gotten to know her and you will be too. 

3. Love.Laughter.Happily Ever After. Kalyn, the writer behind the blog is incredibly encouraging and wonderful. Kalyn writes about life, love, and faith and when I say writes, I definitely mean that. It is obvious that she puts an incredible amount of time into each of her posts. Her words are carefully crafted and whether it is her goal or not (because she is very humble) she challenges each of her readers every time. The minute that you see her blog design you are met with warmth, uniqueness, and creativity. Just like the author and the blog herself. 

4. Mini Manor Blog. Ok, I admit. It was almost impossible to pick just one of the "home" type blogs that I read. Each one in different ways has me crushing on them. I love how I Heart Organizing inspires to me become a more organized person. I  am constant inspired by Bonnie from Going Home To Roost to create a beautiful and simple life. SO ok...yes, there are three that fall into my "crushes" category. *smiles*

5. Wissmanns Family Blog. Sometime this year in the middle of a very difficult and painful night I came across this family blog and immediately my heart fell in love. In this blog the family shares their faith, life, traveling stories (as a band), and the deep love that they have for each other and Jesus. I have been constantly encouraged to dive deeper into scripture through their writings and am looking forward to great excitement to be going (with one of my best friends) on a cruise with them in February. *happy sigh* 

Isn't it lovely how bloggy world can connect people? Who do you have a blog crush on? I love finding new friends and would love to have you share! 


  1. Aww I absolutely adore Kalyn. My current blog crushes are Kiki at in It's Time, Chelsea at Anchors Aweigh, Caroline at Team Harries beats infertility, Sarah at One Sweet Tuesday, and Susannah at simple moments stick.

  2. yay for new suggestions, can't wait to check them out!

  3. AW MAN - was hoping I'd be on here, hehehe. xo

  4. Awwwwwwww!!!!!!! You are too sweet to me!!! THANK YOU!! You are such an inspiration and your notes always encourage me. Thank you for being so great, Rebecca.

  5. I heart organizing is a great blog! The five you mentioned also sound lovely. I really enjoy connecting with other bloggers, and I've definitely made some good friends! Glad you have too :)