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Back to School Inspirational Quotes for Teachers (and free printables!)

August 3, 2013

As I mentioned yesterday I value the opportunity as a woman to be in a country that allows everyone the right to an education. As a former teacher, I am also very sensitive to the excitement, nervousness, fear, and stress that comes with the beginnings of the school year (or the beginnings of a "marathon" as one of my headmasters called it *smiles*).

 It is hard to believe that we (the south at least) are at the beginning of a school year once again! Several sweet friends and former co-workers started in-service yesterday and my mom and many other friends  start on Monday! In honor of that I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite teacher back to school and inspirational quotes and verses. May God bless you with strength, perseverance, courage, good health, joy, and strength in this upcoming school year! 

 All of the images below are free printables so please take them and use them as you celebrate the start of another year of new adventures! To print them off please right click on the image below and save them to your computer to print! They could be used for anything!
(p.s.- My favorite quote is the one above! INSPIRING!!) 

Do you have any teacher quotes that are your favorites? What about a favorite teacher that you had? Lets take a moment to thank the teachers that have had an impact on our lives like the quotes above talk about!


  1. I don't have teacher quotes for you but have found very interesting the ones that you have post. Thanks for sharing.

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