Made to Crave Online Study- Chapters 7 &8

August 4, 2013

Hi y'all! I am so delighted that several of you are joining StephanieCrystal  & I on this adventure of reading through the "Made to Crave" book. {If you haven't already purchased the book but would still like to - please feel free to join us at any point - even if it is just for a week or two!}

This week we are discussing chapters seven and eight of the book. BUT to be frank I felt that I learned so much from chapters five and six from last week that I did not read the chapters for this week and instead prayerfully meditated on what the Lord was teaching me! SO I look forward to catching up with y'all next week and can't wait to hear what the Lord taught you through the reading this week! {If you would like to read last weeks post please click HERE.}

Here is the reading schedule for the rest of the study for those of you that would like to join us :
August 12- Week 6
Chapter 9- But Exercise Makes Me Want to Cry& Chapter 10- This Isn’t Fair!
August 19- Week 7
Chapter 11- Stinkin’, Rotten, Horrible, No Good Day & Chapter 12- The Curse of the Skinny Jeans
August 26- Week 8
Chapter 13- Overindulgence & Chapter 14- Emotional Emptiness
September 2- Week 9
Chapter 15- The Demon in the Chips Poster & Chapter 16- Why Diets Don’t Work
September 9- Week 10
Chapter 17- The Very Next Choice We Make& Chapter 18- Things Lost, Better Things Gained
September 16- Week 11
Chapter 19- Live as an Overcomer & Summary/Conclusion

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