7 favorite cozy luxury travel items on sale for amazon prime day

July 11, 2023


Happy Tuesday friends! As I am sure y'all are aware there is a major Amazon sale going on that started today I wanted to share some of my favorite travel items that are part of that sale! Over the years of talking about travel here on the blog (with a focus of cozy-luxury) these are items that I have loved and suggested a lot so I am excited to see that there are a lot of them on sale! Let me know if you have any questions! Happy saving money!
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1. Boise Noise Canceling Headphones
Amazon Sale: $199.99
Reg: $329.99
Click HERE

Each year there are such great sales on these types of headphones- but this year the entire Boise collection is on sale! If you are looking to purchase something from that company, this is the time to do it! Click HERE to go to the entire collection that is on sale!

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2. Easy Compression Packing Tubes
Amazon Sale: $26.99
Reg: $30.99
Click HERE

Have y'all tried these? Everyone swears by them so I am excited to try them on my next trip! I will definitely share with y'all my experience but would love to hear your thoughts!
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3. Queen Size Sleeping Bag
*comes in all different colors*
Amazon Sale: $59.99 (PLUS you can take an extra 15% off with a coupon at checkout)
Reg: $69.99
SAVINGS: Over 20%
Click HERE

This sleeping bag is the perfect travel/camping accessory! So many happy reviews of it and so many different colors for you to choose from!
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4. Purse Organizer 
Amazon Sale: 9.99
Click HERE

 My favorite purse organizer is currently on sale for $9.99! I have shared this before on the blog I was also getting tired of needing to search my purse for items and feeling desperate to organize my purse- not just for trips but in general. hahaha! This honestly has been something that I have started talking about non-stop and telling everyone about. Just the other day I was telling two friends that they needed to get one! It is life-changing! Hahaha! 

This felt organizer (I chose the beige color so that it will go with any of my purses!) comes in 11 different colors (you can find it HERE). I love that I can easily switch purses now just by taking this out and changing it from one purse to another. SO simple and easy! Even if you don't travel a lot you will love it for daily life (for size reference I chose a medium)! For traveling mine is always loaded up with tons of items and it is the easiest trip in the airports because of how organized it kept things in my purse! If you are interested in it you can find it HERE

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Amazon Sale: $14.99
Reg: $21.99
Click HERE

I think that y'all can see a theme here of that I love to be organized on my travels! Haha! This electronic organizer is a great resource and a wonderful solution for all of the electronic things that you bring with you! It also comes in two additional colors if you are interested!
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6. Jewelry Organizer 
Amazon Sale: $5.59!!
Click HERE

Going on a small or short trip or don't want to bring a lot of jewelry? This organizer is the perfect mini size for this type of traveling!

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Amazon Sale: $12.59
Reg: $26.99
Click HERE

This is the perfect size to bring along on a trip and immediately create extra outlets for charging all of the technology! 

I hope that you find these sales helpful in saving money friends! Happy shopping!

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