12 Things to Pray for Yourself as you Struggle with a Chronic Health Condition

July 6, 2023

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Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in reading the 12 Things to Pray for Yourself as You Struggle with a Chronic Health Condition post! 

This post (along with the other posts in the series) became so popular that I wanted to make it available to more people who were interested in exploring this idea. I took the original post and spent a couple of years adding to it and consulting with others to help provide different thoughts and perspectives. The end result was a practical, helpful, and useful tool for those who are struggling with a chronic health condition or those who love them. From the description: 

This book is for those with a heart and desire to pray for those struggling through the confusing and difficult road of a chronic health condition. Often people say, "I am praying for you" but don't know how to pray for those with chronic illness and pain. While this book doesn’t address every idea of what to pray and is not a "formula", it is a good "jumping off point" for you to be praying for yourself or those whom you love that struggle with chronic health issues and their loved ones. Your prayers are powerful and effective.

I am so humbled by the responses that have come from this little book over the last few years since this was released! These little 61 pages have over a 4+ star review, have remained consistently in the top sellers for "christian prayer" books on Amazon, and most of all (which is the prayer of my heart for all my books), has encouraged the hearts of so many struggling with a chronic health condition. 

I shared many many many years ago that I truly believe that those struggling with chronic health conditions are a group of very special and unique individuals that the American church has largely forgotten. One of my prayers with this book was that it would make its ways into the hearts and homes of churches and church attenders around the nation. I am so humbled whenever I hear from people that this is being used as a Bible study guide, Sunday school aide, etc. 

I am also always humbled by the reviews that are left. One of the reviews truly touched my heart: 

A perfect guide for what to pray from all sides of suffering and chronic illness. It's wise and direct and encouraging. Highly recommend!

I hope that you find this beautiful little book a blessing as you courageously fight each day for your health and your spirit. I and so many others are praying for you! 

The 12 Things to Pray Book is now available on Amazon! You can find it HERE

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  1. I think rest is so important - especially in todays world - we all have a go go go mentality! Great list friend!

    1. I totally agree with you friend! I think that one thing this journey has taught me is that I thought I knew what resting looked like but I never did until now! So glad that we can REST in Jesus!!
      :) Hugs friend!
      :) Rebecca

  2. thank you for this list!! It is just what we each need to hear, and pray for ourselves. I love that you give a scripture for each one.

    1. Thanks Laura! I am sorry that I am just now seeing your comment and responding! I so appreciate the time you took to write it! Thank you again for stopping by!
      Blessings, Rebecca