4 Costly Home Repairs And How To Prevent Them

July 11, 2023

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There are several advantages to owning a home. It may give financial security by stabilizing housing payments, offering tax breaks, and allowing you to create and increase equity. While a recent US housing survey revealed that nearly everyone wants to own a home, it can also come with unexpected and pricey repairs. It is tough to prepare for house repairs without a maintenance checklist, Moreover, you cannot predict when you will need them or how much they cost. Below are the four costly house repairs and how to prevent them.

  1. Foundation repairs 

Cracks in your home's foundation might be worrying and must not be ignored. Early signs such as sinking, water leaks, and even settling can be an early warning of a significant problem and are frequently among the most expensive house repairs. If you've had cracks or your home is becoming older, you can do a few things to avoid foundation problems. These include inspecting your foundation for leaks and cracks. It would also be best to grow plants and bushes away from your home due to their inherent propensity to moisture. You can install grading to move water away from your property. During severe, persistent drought periods, injecting moisture into the earth surrounding your foundation may be necessary.

  1. HVAC replacement 

Simple HVAC unit repairs can be reasonably inexpensive. While homeowners can expect to pay around $180 and $580 for basic repairs, it can be pricey when you neglect servicing and repairs over a long period. Depending on the model and brand, a brand-new HVAC system will cost at least $4,500 and over $10,000, which can make a huge dent in your pocket. If you’ve noticed any weird noise or leak in your HVAC, contact a local AC repair professional  immediately to prevent further issues. To maintain your HVAC unit running smoothly, get it examined and serviced by a professional once a year, and update air filters every three months.

  1. Roofing repairs 

Maintaining your roof is one of your most critical home improvement chores since the roof is your first defense against the weather. Leaks caused by vent pipes or loose flashing after a storm are simple fixes, but you may sometimes need to do more. The cost might rise as the roof ages due to the need to remove multiple layers of shingles or, worse, wear and tear under the shingles. This broad range is attributable to the roof size, the materials used, and whether the new roof is a complete tear-off or requires major repair.

  1. Termite damage

Termite infestation often comes by surprise and is costly since it may be difficult to identify if you don't know what you're looking for. While it may appear similar to water damage, damage caused by termites can manifest as hollowed-out or weakened wood, mildew odors, or even bubbling in the coatings on your walls. If caught early, termite damage may be repairable. However, when treated late, extensive damages may cost $3,000 for modest repairs and as much as $6,000 for serious structural damage, according to Angi. It would help if you did occasional inspections around your home to make it easier to spot this issue early.

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