friday favorites- july 21st

July 21, 2023


caravan sonnet
Happy Friday friends! I hope that you have had a lovely and wonderful week! 

I just have a quick post for you today as I am on vacation today First of all.... 

(1) Safe from the Flooding
Thank you to each of you who have been checking on us with the intense flooding that is happening in upstate NY and Vermont. While our cabins and home is safe so many of our neighbors are struggling and so I appreciate your prayers for them and for us- for different reasons!
caravan sonnet
2. Nine Months
Today we are celebrating NINE months since mom's surgery... and overwhelmingly grateful is the only word that continues to flood my heart and thoughts each and day.

To be at the spot we are at now... it has just been absolutely beautiful. Numerous times throughout the day I just thank the Lord so much. The little moments were always precious, but they are even more precious now. Thank you for all of your prayers for us last year and as we continue forward. We are so incredibly grateful.

If there is anything that I could specifically pray for you, please feel free to send an email. I would be honored to pray for you! 

I hope that you have a wonderful Friday friends! Thank you for making this such an incredible space to come to and connect with every single day. I am so blessed!!


  1. Oh no! The flooding sounds awful. I am glad you are all safe and I am glad everything went well after your mom's surgery.

    1. Aww thank you so much Kim for stopping by and also for your sweet words! :) You are so kind! Thank you again for stopping by, reading, and taking the time to comment! I hope that you have a wonderful day! Warmly, Rebecca :)