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June 23, 2023


caravan sonnet
Happy Friday friends! I hope that you have had the most wonderful week! Similar to last week, it has been a busy busy week over here for me at work, some personal things that arose this week, and continuing to add more and more items to the shop!! SO many things behind the scenes and I am looking forward to the weekend! 

Here are some of my favorite things from this past week! First of all.... 
caravan sonnet
(1) Morning Peace at the Cabin
The mornings at the cabin have become increasingly more and more precious to me. Each morning (even the days that have been cooler and rainy) have been such a beautiful blessing as I have snuck away for some time alone to reflect and meditate.

I wanted to share some of that beauty and posted THIS reel on instagram. Turn the sound on - I hope it is a beautiful encouragement to you!
caravan sonnet

2. Inspirational Quote Collection Now Available in the Shop!

I am so excited that y'all are loving the new Inspirational Quote Collection of Key Chain Junk Journals now available in the shop!  There are so many new collections coming and I am SO grateful for ALL of your support of #keychainjunkjournals!! 

caravan sonnet

These Key Chain Junk Journals are SO adorable y'all. I love the inspirational quotes and hope that they remind us of. You can find the entire Inspirational Quote collection HERE! These are selling out SO fast and so check them out in the shop TODAY! 

Want to read more about these specific journals? On Wednesday I posted an entire blog post about them which you can read about HERE.

caravan sonnet
3. Early Morning Walks
One of my favorite things about being at the cabin is my early morning walks. I love the views, the nature of the woods and farmlands and of course the lake. Anyone else love their morning workouts more during the summer?!?
caravan sonnet
Y'all- I have a new favorite purchase from Amazon and it was less than $8!!! They also have over 40,000 positive reviews so I am NOT alone in this! These magnetic hooks are perfect for the home, refrigerator, etc and come in all different colors! We purchased the white ones and have LOVED them. If you are looking for an affordable and cheap organization solution (we used them in our kitchen) you can find it on Amazon HERE!
caravan sonnet
5. Finding Beauty in the Little Moments
I shared this last week, but like many people in our world right now, we are having some big things that are going on right now and new ways that our faith is being stretched as we trust God to provide in some miraculous ways to some answers to prayer. In this season I am finding that beauty in the little moments is truly the biggest blessing and one that is truly beyond anything that I could share can encourage your heart. 

If there is anything that I could specifically pray for you, please feel free to send an email. I would be honored to pray for you! 
caravan sonnet
On Tuesday of this week shared an updated post of one of my most read articles: What to Pack for an Alaskan Road Trip. Y'all, you have loved that post and I am so thankful that all of that information can be helpful to you!! After more than a decade of being a travel blogger (and in some unique situations) I am so thankful that my experiences can help inspire and practically help you in your travels!(you can read the post HERE)!

As we prepare to go out in July to a cruise in Alaska - this post has been giving me all of the excited feels! I can't wait to bring you along on our trip! 
caravan sonnet
If you are looking for an encouraging and uplifting message during a difficult season, this message from Joel Osteen has been incredibly encouraging and I have listened to it on repeat this week!  You can find it HERE!
caravan sonnet
8. Mom's Healing
We continue to be absolutely amazed by the healing that Mom is having. The blessings of movement, life, and health are not something we have ever taken for granted, but all of the little extra blessings of being able to fully experience life again has constantly brought me to tears. I shared on Instagram (and was honored that Hospital for Special Surgery re-shared) our gratitude to ALL that they have done but we continue to remain speechless with gratitude. 
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Have you ever been curious if there are any health benefits to the yummy summer strawberries that arrive at this time of year? On Thursday in my Thursday Health Thoughts post I shared about 9 Surprising and Amazing Health Benefits of this fruit! You can check the post out HERE!

Interested in finding out more about different health benefits of different foods and habits? Click HERE to check out a whole page of linked helpful resources of blog posts from the past decade!! 
caravan sonnet
With Caravan Sonnet turning ten years old I thought it would be fun on Fridays to share some older posts from the blog! One of the things that Caravan Sonnet developed into was a a resource for those looking for road trip itineraries around the United States and World.

One of the most popular posts is one that I wrote back in 2019 about the 9 day Alaskan Road Trip Itinerary that I planned and took in the Summer of 2018!  This extremely popular post went viral this past year (!!) and if you are looking at planning a similar trip you can find the post HERE!

I am finishing up a similar post for the 2019 Alaskan Road Trip Itinerary and can't wait to share that with y'all soon!

Interested in other Road Trip Itineraries available on the blog? Check out these links below:

I hope that you have a wonderful Friday friends! Thank you for making this such an incredible space to come to and connect with every single day. I am so blessed!!

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  1. Oh wow! What an amazing view you have from your cabin. Those hooks look brilliant, so useful!