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June 29, 2023


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Happy Thursday friends! I hope that your work week is finishing up well for you! 

Each Thursday since the early years of the blog I have shared a "Thursday Health Thought" that I have been documenting for more than a decade on the blog! These topics have ranged from benefits of lifestyle and food choices to practical tips on living healthy. I recently combined all of the posts into several lists that you can easily find and access HERE! And today I wanted to take a moment to share where you can find ALL of the healthy living resources that are available on the blog. 

Simply click HERE to access them or when you go to the homepage of the website you can look under "connect" and you will see in the list of topics that "Healthy Living" comes up and you can click there! I hope that you find these resources helpful for all different areas and seasons of life! 

Happy Thursday friends! Have a wonderful day!

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