Full Guide To Investing In Turkey

November 19, 2020


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Villas are available across Turkey. There are some areas more in tune with vibrant metropolitan Turkey, such as Istanbul, but there are also a variety of villas in more sedate locations and beach resorts. Basically, there is something for everyone if you’re willing to search for it. 

If you’ve decided that you want a specific type of property for sale in Turkey or you want to be in a specific location, then talk to agencies and find out what your chances are. If you’ve fallen in love with a place and want to relocate there then you may just have to wait for the perfect opportunity. However, when looking at property prices, make sure you compare rates for shipping and factor in all costs.

Villas are generally what people think of when they consider relocating to somewhere like Turkey. They have visions of open plan rooms with panoramic views and beautiful places to relax in the sun. This may be a dream, but that doesn’t also mean it can’t be your reality. People often choose to move to Turkey after spending time there in one way or another. It’s quite unusual to just wake up one day and decide you want to relocate to somewhere you’ve never been. However, Turkey can have that effect on some people. It’s a country with a wondrous history that captures the imagination, and it’s no wonder so many people fulfill their dream of moving there. 

If you’re searching for property in the Aydin Province on the Aegean Sea you’ll land right in the middle of that history, with the Temple of Apollo and other ruins nearby. If you’re hoping to find villas for sale in Altinkum, for instance, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience ancient history, along with experiencing the other side of Turkey including beach resorts and the like. The same applies if you search for villas for sale in Didim, which is nearby. The history of this area cannot be underestimated and it leaves the passing tourist with a sense of reverence. Just imagine how it would feel to actually live nearby. If it’s your goal to immerse yourself in the culture of Turkey rather than just the resorts, then villas in this province could be perfect for you. 

Kas and Belek are both situated in Antalya Province. Located on the southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, it is intensely popular with tourists and expats alike. For many, it sums up what they expect Turkey to be like, and, indeed, it takes over a 30% share of all tourists who visit the country. It’s the fastest-growing province in Turkey, partly due to the tourism boom and urbanization. As such, there are plenty of opportunities for property developers and plenty of properties to move into. 

If you’re searching for villas for sale in Belek you may have been enticed by spending time there on holiday. It’s an excellent tourism hub with numerous five-star hotels to its name but it also has a few quirks. These include the fact that it’s a spa town renowned for its waters, along with its developing role as a center of golf. If you’re someone who particularly enjoys golf, then Belek may be the place for you. Villas for sale in Kas are popular, as are all other villages over that side of the province. It’s a quieter option with narrow streets and small, quiet cafes. It allows a different pace of life to Belek and its particular quirk is that it’s one of the best scuba diving locations in Turkey. There are over a dozen dive centers in the area so if this is something you’d like to participate in then definitely consider Kas. 

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