Go Fund Me for My Mom

November 25, 2020


Happy Wednesday friends! Today I am humbly sharing something that is going on in our family and a go fund me that has been created for my mom (You can go HERE to go directly to the page). 

As some of you are aware after an extremely difficult decade of helping to take care of Rebecca in her prolonged illnesses with Cancer and Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease, our family experienced the heartbreaking and unexpected loss of our father in May 2019. My parents were on the verge of their 50th wedding anniversary in August and this has been the most painful thing for my mom. Then 2 months ago in September, our beloved grandmother and friend also died. This past July our mom had decided to move home to our parents house in TN to restart her life in numerous ways. What she was not expecting to find was mold in a room in our finished downstairs. 

Devastatingly, after getting numerous estimates and having numerous mold experts in to look at her home it has been found that there is mold throughout the entire downstairs and that everything in the downstairs (including furniture, cherished items, household items, family pictures, items in our father's office, etc. are completely ruined.

This has been an unexpected and devastating blow to our mom who has already suffered so much and will also cost a significant amount of money that is truly staggering. She has also been advised that this should be done immediately for the sake of health reasons and the amount of mold. 

Over the course of the last year and a half so many people have asked for ways that they can practically help or support our mom. She does NOT know yet that we are holding this fundraiser for her and we would like to help offset the financial burden that she is facing with surprising her with this help which would be an incredible gift. The estimates for the entire project are near $50000 and we would like to help offset her costs and help with raising $15000

We understand that there are so many people suffering and in the midst of this busy holiday season we appreciate your kindness in joining with us to help her. Please share this with those that know our mom and most of all we appreciate your support and love of our family over this last decade and the suffering journey that we have walked. 

Again, you can go directly to the Go Fund Me Page by clicking HERE. Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving! 

With grateful hearts, 
Emily and Rebecca (Beth's daughters)

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