10 Quick Tricks To Stay On Top Of Your Mental Wellbeing During These Tough Times

November 12, 2020

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Let's face it; the current social climate has made it very difficult to stay in a positive frame of mind. Thankfully, by implementing the right habits, you will stand a better chance of success. Follow the 10 tips below and you won't go far wrong as you look to overcome the obstacles posed by COVID-19.

#1. Look good, feel good: there's no escaping the fact that appearances matter. Even if you are stuck indoors, good hair care and skin routines will pay dividends. You should also take pride in your dress sense for optimal results.

#2. Build positive surroundings: we are all products of our surroundings. So, if you are spending more time at home, it's essential that they are positive. Keep the home organized, uncluttered, and clean. Family photos and a few house plants help too.

Image: Pixabay (CC0 License)

#3. Manage your finances: nothing causes stress quite like financial worries. Use financial management Apps to track your situation. When combined with an active effort to reduce waste, your mental health will quickly soar.

#4. Sleep well: a good night's sleep will boost energy levels and general happiness. Crucially, it fights the stress gene known as cortisol. So, you will physically and mentally feel far less stressed. It also adds a sense of routine and structure.

#5. Acknowledge health issues: physical conditions will harm your mental wellbeing. As you now spend more time looking at screens than ever, it's a good idea to see an optometrist. Similarly, hearing health and body changes must be investigated.

#6. Go for walks: exercise releases endorphins to reduce the presence of stress. Meanwhile, it is a great way to break up the day. When living the Groundhog routines caused by the pandemic, this is a major bonus for your mental wellbeing.

#7. Talk to people: even if your mental health is largely in a good place, it's likely that some wobbles will happen. Unfortunately, bottling them up is the worst thing you can do. Talk to friends, family, and professionals about those issues. A weight will instantly be lifted.

Image: Pixabay (CC0 License)

#8. Help others: you might have things tough, but there are many others that have it worse. Helping others is often the best way to boost your sense of self-satisfaction. It additionally delivers a sense of perspective, which can have a telling impact.

#9. Find a hobby: it isn't possible to do all the great things you're used to. However, this is a chance to discover a new pastime. From painting to playing music, those creative tasks can inject fun back into your life. Crucially, it will reduce your stress.

#10. Don't punish yourself: some people will say that you have to use this period to its full potential. In reality, simply getting through this difficult period should be deemed a major success. If you have a setback, don't worry. You've still got this.

There will still be difficult moments during this period, but the above steps will aid your mental well being. And you will come out the other side in a far better position for it.

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