When Will We Able To Travel Again?

April 30, 2020

If you love traveling, the world may seem a little dreary right now. There are numerous restrictions in place that currently make traveling near to impossible. Even traveling between different states could be problematic because there are currently different lockdown rules depending on where you are. The question on everyone’s mind right now is when are things going to change. When can we travel once more and when will it be completely safe to travel.

When Will It Be Completely Safe To Travel?
Unfortunately, it is unlikely that it will be completely safe to travel until several months into 2021. This is the earliest that a vaccine is expected to be ready for mass distribution. Some researchers have suggested that antibody passports could be a viable solution. However, the WHO has warned against this. That’s due to the fact that there’s no clear research to suggest how long a built-up immunity will last. There is also evidence to suggest that antibody tests are limited by vaccines. Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom. Recently, it has been revealed that there has been a positive impact of one drug that is typically used to treat ebola. 

Of course, some people may be comfortable traveling again before it’s completely safe to do so, as long as the right measures are in place. 

When Could We Realistically Start Travelling Again?
This will largely depend on where you want to go. Some countries are absolutely adamant that they will not be kickstarting the tourist season at the beginning of summer. Spain has ruled this out and Germany has extended travel restrictions until at least June. Furthermore, certain countries and locations have suggested that there will be a ban on other countries, depending on what their current situation is like with regard to the virus. For instance, the UK has been called into question due to how late they locked down. 

Most people are suggesting that travel for tourist reasons likely won’t be possible until towards the end of the tourist season. However, this will have a crippling impact on the economy. So some governments are hopeful this can be pushed forward. 

What Restrictions Will Be In Place?
Finally, if you explore coronavirus tips, you will see that social distancing isn’t going to vanish. It’s expected to be part of what officials are calling the new normal. For instance, there have been suggestions that airlines must keep the middle seat free and put up screens between seats as well. 

Temperature checks are also likely to be in place before you enter a public area like a theme park or even board a plane. Be aware that these checks take about ten minutes and will take the time it takes to board a plane or access an area like this a little longer. 

You will also have to obey the current regulations that exist in the area that you are traveling to. Again, these could be different depending on where you go. Right now, countries are not in agreement as to whether the public should be wearing facemasks when outside. 

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